Despite being pregnant with twins, due in April, Desperate Housewives actress Marcia Cross has not shown any signs of slowing down her busy lifestyle on the show’s set. Marcia has reportedly proven herself to be a hard worker and is determined not to let her pregnancy require any special treatment from fellow cast members or the show’s staff and crew.

A set insider reportedly told Star, "I think the cast and the show’s producers were a little apprehensive on how this was going to work out for Marcia on the set, especially since it’s her first pregnancy and she doesn’t necessarily know what to expect. But so far, so good!”

Marcia’s costar and close friend, Eva Longoria, is said to have taken it upon herself to cater to Marcia and provide her on-set support.

“Eva wants to be Marcia’s protector, but Marcia isn’t having any of it,” the set source says. “Eva will call time during shooting and say that Marcia needs a break to get off her feet. And Marcia just says, ‘Don’t worry, Eva, I’m doing fine.’

Marcia just plugs along — she’s on time every morning, she doesn’t make a fuss is someone screws up and everyone has to stay on set to re-shoot a scene and stay there for hours. If she didn’t have everyone’s respect before this, she’s certainly getting it now!”

Marcia’s character on DH will not become pregnant and producers plan to use props and set decor to hide her growing belly.

“I’m going to be hiding behind bowls and flowers,” Marcia has said.

Source: Star

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