Marcia Cross photos and interview in TV Guide

Actress Marcia Cross, 44, whose first child with husband Tom Mahoney, 48, is due in April, talked to TV Guide about motherhood. Here are some excerpts:

On her quick pregnancy after marriage: "Usually, it’s get married, have a honeymoon, get your pictures back, take a breath. But we’re old. For us it was, get married. Whoa! Prrr-regnant!

On being counted out: "I was the one who was going to be the godmother or the aunt. I think everybody’d given up on me. And now this! Half a year later and I’m married and knocked up! It’s sort of a miracle to me."

On handling motherhood: "I worry about things like how I’m going to juggle it all, but mostly I can’t believe my lucky life. Every day is a miracle now. [Being pregnant] is something I waited so long for and really never thought would come. I was a cynical person. But I feel lighter than ever – and happier. And, hey, so what if my pants don’t fit?"

Also, in the course of the article, Marcia’s rep denies that she is expecting twins. However, we’ve been told that Us Weekly stands by their story.

Source: TV Guide. You can read the entire interview and see more scans at CBB reader Mary’s site.

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