Marcia Cross' Guilty Pleasure: Celebrity Baby Photos

While she’s made no secret of her love for children and her desire to have her own, actress Marcia Cross confesses that she too is addicted to pictures of (other) celebrity’s kids.

"I feel terrible because I know that if it were my baby, I wouldn’t want everybody taking pictures," he said, "But I love looking even though I feel guilty about it."

But don’t think the Desperate Housewives star and fiance husband Tom Mahoney will be displaying their own baby photos in the very near future.

"There’s nothing there," Marcia told OK magazine, while pointing to her bump free belly. "I have no idea [if or when we’ll have children], we’ll let fate decide." Referring to her first famous TV role on the 90’s prime time soap, Melrose Place, she joked, "Or I’ll steal a baby! Kimberly Shaw did."

Source: OK, pg. 30, July 3, 2006

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