Marcia Cross's Twins Are Obsessed with Coffee Breaks, The Car

The Desperate Housewives star answers reader questions from Celebrity Baby Blog readers

Photo: Vipix/Ramey

Sure, she’s got her pals from Wisteria Lane, but these days, Marcia Cross has two other girlfriends holding BFF status: Her 2-year-old twin daughters Eden and Savannah.

“They love to go out with me to have lunch or get a cup of coffee,” the Desperate Housewives actress tells Celebrity Baby Blog. “This is a reflection of their mother – they say, ‘Go to a café mama?’ They tease me for my coffee drinking.”

But she also finds common ground with her newly chatty twins on trips to the park, reading books together, and prepping for an activity that’s still a good 14 years off.

“One of their new obsessions is the car,” Cross tells CBB, which asked her several questions directly from readers. “They like to get in the car and I’ll pretend we’re driving to Santa Barbara. They’ll walk all around the car, open the glove compartment, hit all the buttons. They have a blast!”
– Rennie Dyball

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