Marcia Cross Teams Up With Mott's to Feed America

With nearly 36 million Americans — a third children — facing the uncertainty of when their next meal will be, actress Marcia Cross could not turn down the opportunity to team up with Mott’s and Feeding America (formerly known as America’s Second Harvest) in order to ensure that one million kids won’t go to bed hungry. “It’s a wonderful cause and thinking of kids going hungry is a horrible thought, so this was a campaign that was easy to say ‘yes’ to,” Marcia tells CBB.

The concept of the campaign is easy: visit to send free wake-up calls from the Desperate Housewives star herself! For each family that receives their phone message from Marcia, Mott’s will donate $1 to Feeding America — an organization responsible for food banks countrywide. Each dollar donated will pay for seven healthy meals for children and their families; Motts plans to donate up to one million meals.

Many of these children receive free or reduced lunches at school, however, weekends and the upcoming summer vacation pose an obvious problem. While Feeding America presently provides meals for 9 million children by coordinating with food banks around the country, Marcia is hopeful that the Mott’s campaign will increase awareness on the issue and ultimately, through public donations, offer assistance outside of school as well.

Kicking off the campaign, Marcia took time out to visit children at school — as a part of Feeding America’s BackPack Program — and was thrilled to encourage the students to make healthy meal choices as they filled up bags of food to be taken home to their families.

“They were so cute! Just adorable. And they got these huge bags of food that are not only for them but for their brothers, sisters, families, and extended families too. It was really a necessary endeavor, and certainly something that needs to go on for them during weekends and holidays — not just schoold ays — so they can continue to get their food.”

Click here for your wake-up call from Marcia and have Mott’s donate a $1 to Feeding America!

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