Desperate Housewives actress Marcia Cross feels as though she's got the best of both worlds. Between her hit television show and her 13-month-old twin daughters Eden and Savannah, things are going really well for the 45-year-old, and she says she can't imagine choosing one over the other.

Happy, indeed. When asked recently whether motherhood has lived up to her expectations Marcia answered in the affirmative, telling the reporter that being a mom is "a million times better" than she'd expected.

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Her pregnancy wasn't an easy one, as Marcia was put on bedrest at 30-weeks. Still, she says she hasn't completely ruled out another baby — or two — despite her assurances to Desperate Housewives producer Marc Cherry that she was finished having kids.

The promise isn't the only thing weighing on her mind as she contemplates expanding her family with husband Tom Mahoney. Marcia admits that age is also a factor.

As for how she lost the baby weight, Marcia credits a simple one-hour exercise class she began taking after the girls were born — 30 minutes on the treadmill, 30-minutes of weightlifting and lunges — that she still attends.

Source: Herald Sun

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