Marcia Cross: My Daughters Are Big Talkers

Life in Marcia Cross‘ household is one constant gabfest thanks to her chatty twin daughters Savannah and Eden. “They are big talkers,” Marcia told PEOPLE at Mott’s and Feeding America charity event in New York Monday. “They happen to be very verbal girls and I think that comes from me. Their mom is pretty verbal.”

Now that her girls, who turned 2 last month, can express themselves, Marcia, 46, enjoys every minute engaging them in conversation. “It’s wonderful that they can tell me what’s going on with them and have conversations. I just love it,” said the Desperate Housewives star. “When we go to the park one of my daughters will say, ‘The dog scares me mamma.’ Or after their birthday party a few weeks ago, one of them said, ‘Too many people mamma.'”

In fact, they seem to have inherited their mother’s tendency to talk things over. “Recently both my daughters were sitting on the steps in our home, and one of them said, ‘Let’s talk about it mamma,'” recalled the Emmy-nominated actress. “I thought, where did they learn that? Then I realized it was from me. I thought, Oh my God, what have I done to them at two years old?”

Stepping away from the twins and stockbroker husband Tom Mahoney, Marcia has teamed up with Feeding of America and has become the spokesperson for Mott’s Wake Up Call program to fight hunger and help provide meals to children and families.

“It’s a really painful thing to think about a child being hungry, but now as a mother to imagine my own children hungry is unfathomable in this day and age,” she said.

At home, making sure her own children eat healthy foods is a high priority for Marcia. “I keep them away from junk food. They don’t know about cookies yet so everything they eat is healthy,” she said. “They’ve had a bite of an organic cupcake for their birthday but it’s always healthy foods – especially now before they find out about junk food.”

Source: PEOPLE

— Paul Chi

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