Marcia Cross says time with daughters is 'glorious'

A "deliriously happy" Marcia Cross says she’s looking particularly forward to Christmas this year, as it will be the first for twin daughters Eden and Savannah, turning 10-months on Thursday. Marcia and her husband Tom Mahoney seem to be playing it by ear when it comes to what they’ll do to celebrate the occasion, but Marcia says that no matter what happens, Christmas Day will revolve around their children.

We just don’t know yet. It’s all new. It’s our first Christmas together as a family, and it’s probably going to be sort of quiet. I want to go out and take a hike in the woods and have kind of an outdoorsy day. Just all kids, all day. It’s just fun.

Like it has for so many other celebrity parents, the writer’s strike in Hollywood has proved to be a mixed blessing for Marcia. Although production on her television show Desperate Housewives has been halted, it’s freed up the 45-year-old actress to spend more time with the girls.

It’s terrible for the larger picture, but when I am with [my daughters] it’s just glorious, so I’m enjoying that…It’s scary to be this happy. Oh my god, I mean life is precarious, so I just value every day and every gift.

As for their personalities, Marcia says that Eden and Savannah are decidedly different, and those differences have been apparent — to their mom, at least — "for months."

They’re just completely different girls, totally different. One’s very impulsive, and the other’s a little more thoughtful.

The twins are the first children for Tom and Marcia, who married in June 2006.

Source:  People.
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