Marcia Cross shows off twins, explains their memory books

Actress Marcia Cross, 45, is mom to fraternal twins Eden and Savannah, 10 months. The Desperate Housewives star invited USA Today’s Will Keck into her home for an interview recently, and talked a bit about her girls. The girls are now 20 lbs a piece — ‘My arms have never lookedbetter’ — are standing and crawling, and Marcia thinks they’ll be walking soon.

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Marcia’s life has undergone many changes in thelast three years, and she says she couldn’t be happier. At the sametime, her openness about her use of in-vitro fertilization has led to a’role-model for moms in their 40s’ role she does not wish for –instead, she encourages women to start their families sooner, if at allpossible.

More than anything, the creation I wanted inthe world was my family. I really wanted to be with Tom,get married and have my babies. And I have that now. I’ve never beenhappier in my whole life.

[But] haveyour children as young as you can and don’t befooled by [older] women having babies, because it’s very expensive and[requires] a lot of needles and shots.

I wish I were younger. We’re allin denial here,especially in L.A., and we want to pretend that we’re not in the middleof our lives. There’s not that much time left. In 20 years, I’m goingto be in my late 60s and they’re going to be 20. I hate that I’m notgoing to be there for my kids forever.

With that thought in mind, Marcia was inspired todevelop the Legacy Keeper($50), whichallows families to record memories and organize mementos. The kitincludes ‘interview’ questions and an MP3 player/recorded to capturestories on, as well as places for keepsakes and photos.


On goals for her girls, Marcia says she wants Eden and Savannah to be free of many of the insecurities she suffered from.

I’d like for them to be scientists or painters. I don’twant them to spend as much time having to think about their looks as Ihave. I want them to be free of that.

Marcia shares that a drawback of twins is that theyseem to draw twice the interest of the paparazzi.

I just ignore themfor the most part, because the more you get involved with them, theworse it is. It’s sometimes worse for the people around me. If you’reat a children’s park and people are taking pictures, peopleautomatically think it’s pedophilia or some creepy people. Of course,if [paparazzi] get too close, I tell them I will kill them.


Lastly, Marcia brings the girls down from their nap to meet the reporter.

Theseare my angels…[Eden’s] very focused, which I’m not. She has a goodsense of humor, which I also have. [Savannah] is very  passionate andimpulsive, which I am. And she looks like her dad!

Source: USA Today’s CelebWatch (Video at the link).
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