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Updated November 01, 2004 08:33 PM

MARCH – 11 boys, 12 girlsLee Boardman (actor) & Jennifer James – son Jack Alexander (no birthdate announced)Natalie Appleton (singer) & Liam Howlett – son Ace on the 2ndDan Cortese (actor) & Dee Dee Hemby – daughter India Isabella on the 4thFlex Alexander (actor) & Shanice Alexander – son Elijah on the 5thNancy McKeon (actress) & Mark Andrus – daughter Aurora on the 6thRobert Erhlich (politician) & Kendal Erhlich – son Joshua Taylor on the 6thSinead O’Connor (singer) – son Shane on the 6thStefan Lessard (musician) & Jaclyn – daughter Hazel Bailey on the 6thMarie Elisabeth Zellinger de Balkany (royalty) & Olivier Janssens – daughter Gabriella Luisa Maria Asia on the 7thCharlie Sheen (actor) & Denise Richards (actress) – daughter Sam J. on the 8thJohn Henton (actor) & Michele Delaney – daughter Nicole Simone on the 8thHereditary Prince Bernhard of Baden (royalty) & Stephanie Kaul – son Friedrich Bernhard Leopold Christian Berthold Christoph on the 9thLeopold Graf von Habsburg (royalty) & Nina Lenhart-Backhaus – daughter Chiara on the 9thAntony Costa (musician) & Lucy Bolster – daughter Emilie on the 10thWill Ferrell (actor) & Viveca Paulin – son Magnus Paulin on the 10thGary LeVox (musician) & Tara Vernon – daughter Brooklyn Leigh on the 21stMickey Joe Harte (musician) & Louise Harte – daughter Ceola Claire on the 21stPrince Constantijn of the Netherlands (royalty) & Laurentien Brinkhorst – son Claus-Casimir Bernhard Marius Max on the 21stCharlotte Ross (actress) & Michael Goldman – son Maxwell Ross on the 23rdJon Bon Jovi (musician) & Dorothea Hurley – son Romeo Jon on the 29thChristopher Rich (actor) & Eva Halina – twin daughters Lily Hanna & Daisy Grace on the 30thKevin Sorbo (actor) & Sam Jenkins – son Shane Haaken on the 31st