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Although Niki Taylor‘s 4-year-old daughter Ciel is a fast and fearless tomboy, she loves being a gentle big sister to her little brother Rex Harrison, 17 months.

“Ciel is a princess tornado!” Taylor, 38, told PEOPLE Saturday after she launched March of Dimes’ March for Babies at Miami’s Tropical Park.

“But she loves her brother. They play together every morning, and she helps him learn how to do new things. Now he is switching to solid food.”

The Nashville-based mother-of-four — twin sons Jake and Hunter, 18, live with their grandparents in Fort Lauderdale where they have childhood friends and jobs — is enjoying every minute of watching her babies grow.

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“I love Rex at this age and am so glad he is home so I can enjoy everything about him,” says the Having It All host. “We have playdates at indoor parks like The Monkey’s Treehouse [and] then Ciel joins us at the zoo after school.”

More recently, they stopped off at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens to take in all the flowers in full bloom. “Ciel loves to pick the flowers, and Rex is fascinated by the colors,” Taylor says.

Having planned a full schedule for the summer — which includes school for Ciel and swim lessons for both children — the former supermodel is already looking ahead to the fall, when she will begin training for a triathlon.

“I can’t sit still. I have to be super busy,” Taylor says. “I figured I can run and bike pretty well, but I need to learn how to swim rapidly. I am going to work on that and am excited about adding the triathlon dimension to my life.”

While Taylor is busy pounding pavement, her husband, former race car driver Burney Lamar, 32, will happily fill in on the home front.

“Burney is an amazing dad who cooks, takes care of the house and does everything with the kids,” she says. “Ciel has him wrapped around her finger.”

Married for seven years, Taylor and Lamar plan to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in 2016 by taking a much anticipated trip to Europe.

“Burney has never been there, and the kids will be old enough to keep busy while we are away,” she says. “When we met, neither of us believed we would ever marry anyone. But over the years, we have built a genuine relationship filled with love and respect. And the children have only made it stronger.”

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— Linda Marx

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