May 07, 2012 03:00 PM

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As the busy parents of two small children, Niki Taylor and her husband Burney Lamar love to sneak in romantic days out near their seven-acre Nashville farm.

After son Rex Harrison was born last November, joining big sister Ciel, 3, Taylor has been acting as a stay-at-home mom. But that doesn’t mean the love affair with the retired NASCAR driver has ended.

“We’re busy with the kids but we make time for each other by going out on day dates,” Taylor, 37, tells PEOPLE at the March of Dimes March for Babies on April 28 in Miami, where she participated in the three-mile trek with thousands of other supporters.

“We either go to the movies or to different breakfast and lunch diners. We are so tired, we like to be home at night to sleep!”

Taylor, who is also mom to 17-year-old twin sons Hunter and Jake, is at work nonstop raising Rex and Ciel. And she is lucky that Lamar, 31, has changed professions and can be home to share the workload.

“Burney is a flight instructor putting in his time to become a pilot so he has good hours and gets home by 3 p.m. each day,” she notes. “He’s great about sharing baby duties. We have no set plan, we both do everything, including cooking. I am blessed to have a husband like him. We are a great team.”

Since Ciel is in preschool now, Taylor has ample time to play with Rex, who is already showing signs that he will be like his “sissy.” Natural allies, both children are goofy, curious, personality-driven, and into everything in plain sight.

Ciel is wild and rough and always waving things in Rex’s face,” Taylor tells PEOPLE. “Already I can see Rex could be the same way. He loves the attention and is very animated around her. He absolutely loves her.”

Rex knows what time of day Ciel returns from school to their one-floor farmhouse and starts looking for her. Once Ciel has arrived, she helps her mom take care of him.

“Ciel helps me change his diapers,” continues Taylor. “Both of my babies are kind and caring towards others.”

A fun day for the family is sitting outside by the swing set with their three cats and two dogs, Jesse, a Maltese, and Ace, a terrier mix. Rex plays with his activity center, which is placed under a tree, while Ciel rides her tricycle.

On days they go out in Nashville, Taylor takes the kids to a country petting zoo and a variety of indoor and outdoor water parks, including Nashville Shores on Percy Priest Lake.

She also tries to visit her parents‘ home in Fort Lauderdale at least once a month so the kids can enjoy their grandparents. And they take frequent trips to Sacramento to see the Lamar family.

“I am blessed with four healthy children and am definitely not walking down European runways right now,” Taylor tells PEOPLE. “I feel mothering is my most important job. And in doing so, Burney and I get to spend a lot of time together. We are all very happy.”

— Linda Marx

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