Mango Baby

This mei tai from Mango Baby ($99CAD) is a gorgeous option for parents looking for a two-shouldered carrier. The carriers are made of cotton (some have satin jaquard panels) and can be machine-washed and dried. And I was lucky enough to have the owner of Mango Baby come over to my home for a personal demo. This Chinese-inspired mei tai is designed to be tied in a different way than most (there’s nothing tied around the wearer’s waist, just the shoulders — it’s called the Twist-and-Tuck method, if you’re looking for the fancy lingo!) so it was great to have the hands-on lesson. But since we can’t all have the owner in our living rooms, there are great videos and instructions for how to tie your Mango Baby mei tai on their site. After a bit of practice, I find the Mango Baby mei tai to be extremely easy to use and a great carrier for wearing my baby on my back. I also love the little pockets at the end of the straps. The fact that this carrier looks beautiful and turns heads wherever I go? Just an added bonus!

— Stephanie

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