The Sweetest Photos of Mandy Moore & Taylor Goldsmith's Baby Boy, August

The couple celebrated their son August Harrison's first birthday on Feb. 20, 2022

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Welcome to the World

mandy moore baby announcement
Mandy Moore (inset); her son. Mandy Moore/Instagram; Inset: Getty

Moore announced her son's arrival with an adorable Instagram post, captioning a photo of her son in a pale blue onesie, "Gus is here 💙💙💙💙. Our sweet boy, August Harrison Goldsmith."

Moore wrote of her son, born on Feb. 20, 2021, "He was punctual and arrived right on his due date, much to the delight of his parents. We were prepared to fall in love in all sorts of brand new ways, but it goes beyond anything we could have ever imagined."

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What's In a Name

mandy moore
mandy moore/instagram. Inset: getty images

Days after his birth, Moore revealed the sweet meaning behind her baby boy's name. "It was last August when @taylordawesgoldsmith and I found out we were having a boy (it's also Taylor's birth month) and we always loved the name... so it was settled very early on in our book."

Moore shared a photo of her son's baby blanket, explaining the sweet sentiment behind it and revealing that it was a gift from her husband. She wrote, "For our anniversary in November, T gifted me with this blanket with the 'A' (for Amanda) made from extra material from my wedding dress and 'T' (for Taylor) from his wedding shirt. Felt like a very fitting amalgamation of our whole story. I can't wait to pass this on to our sweet August one day. 💙💙💙💙."

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This Is Gus

Mandy Moore newborn
Mandy Moore/Instagram; Todd Williamson/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

"One week earthside. The best week ever. #thisisgus," Moore captioned a photo of her son one week after his birth.

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Moments with Mom

mandy moore with baby
Mandy moore/instagram

Gus snuggled up with his mom, who shared the moment in a cuddly Instagram Story captioned, "Doesn't get any better."

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Smiley Guy

Mandy Moore
Jenna Jones

"Inside jokes with this little guy for over 3 weeks," Moore shared alongside a photo smiling with Gus.

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Tummy Time

Mandy Moore's son
Mandy Moore/Instagram

Gus celebrated his one month birthday with "a little tummy time and some Roger Miller."

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Total Twins

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore/Instagram

"Twins," Moore simply captioned a shot of her little guy smiling up at Dad.

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Cuddle Time

Mandy Moore and gus
Mandy Moore

Moore's "fav part of every day" is getting some snuggles from her baby boy!

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Tub Time

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore's son Gus. Mandy moore/ instagram; Michael Bezjian/Getty

"He may be @taylordawesgoldsmith's twin but he sure does love a bath, just like his mama," Moore captioned a photo of her son smiling in the tub.

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Mommy and Me

Goldsmith shared a new photo of his wife and their son in honor of Moore's 37th birthday.

"It's this Supermom's birthday today. The nucleus of the family. The one who knows exactly what she wants our future to look like and then makes it a reality. The one who is mothering a 7 week old, is back working again, and somehow still makes each of her animals feel individually loved and looked after. Love becomes a bigger word every day I'm in your orbit. I love you more than I know how to say. Happy Birthday @mandymooremm," he wrote.

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Baby Playdate

Mandy Moore and Hilary Duff's babies
Mandy Moore/Instagram; Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Mandy Moore introduced baby Gus to Hilary Duff's 5-week-old baby girl Mae, saying that the big moment was a "love story for the ages."

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Sing, Baby, Sing!

"2 months old and loving dad's guitar riffage 🎶 #thisisgus," Moore captioned a video of Gus cooing along to his dad playing guitar.

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'It Takes a Village'

Moore shared a series of photos paying tribute to her doula and parenting expert Brandi Jordan, whom she credits with helping her and husband Taylor Goldsmith "navigate all aspects of post-partum life," from "teaching us to properly change a diaper and bathe our little guy […] to understanding the ins and outs of nursing and pumping and everything in between." Alongside smiling selfies of herself, Jordan and Gus, Moore added that she highly recommends Jordan's company, The Cradle Company, "for folks looking for lactation consults, sleep training and anything involving supporting babies and families."

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Double the Sons, Double the Fun

Dressed in costume as the Pearson family matriarch Rebecca, Moore shared an adorable shot of her on-screen son, played by her This Is Us costar Sterling K. Brown, cradling her real-life baby boy on the set of the hit NBC show.

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First Father's Day

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore/Instagram

Moore celebrated Goldsmith's first Father's Day with a series of photos of the musician with his little boy. "Let's face it, I'm pretty sure you were always destined to be a dad," Moore began her post. "You've written songs about coaching little league for goodness sakes….But watching you step into this role with so much confidence and ease and patience and adoration for our sweet guy just astounds me and has made me fall deeper in love than I ever thought possible."

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Dad on Duty

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore/Instagram

Moore continued, "Every silly face you pull, book you've read, record you've introduced him, bath time splashes and tummy time smiles you effortlessly elicit… all of it is so much fun to bear witness to. Gus and I are so truly lucky to be on this journey of life with you. Love you the most and Happy Father's Day, @taylordawesgoldsmith!!"

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Runs in the Family

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore/Instagram

Gus is already learning to find his rhythm thanks to his musical family.

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Nap Time

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore/Instagram

Did somebody say nap time?

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Snuggled Up

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore/Instagram

Why sleep in your own spot when you can snuggle up with dad?

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Bottled Up

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore/Instagram

Gus didn't look too sure about feeding time in a photo shared by his mom on Father's Day.

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Grandpa on Duty

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore/Instagram

Moore also paid tribute to her own father, Don Moore, sharing photos of him with little Gus for the occasion. Moore wrote in the post's caption, "I sure lucked out in the dad department with mine and watching him step into his role as a grandpa these past few months has taken my love and appreciation for all he is to an entirely new level. Love you, @donmoore787!!!"

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Sharing a Smile

taylor goldsmith and son gus
Mandy Moore/Instagram

Gus loves to show off his precious smile!

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Celebrating 6 Months with Gus

mandy moore
Mandy Moore, Gus. Mandy Moore/instagram

In August 2021, Moore and Goldsmith celebrated Gus turning 6 months old! "6 months with the with the happiest, sweetest guy and the most indescribable, unconditional love. We are the luckiest and love you so much, Gus," Moore wrote on Instagram.

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Baby Blues

Mandy Moore/Instagram; Mandy moore’s son August
Mandy Moore/Instagram

"My favorite face," Moore captioned this sweet photo of Gus smiling up at the camera.

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Makeup Artist in Training

Mandy Moore/Instagram; Mandy moore’s son August
Mandy Moore/Instagram

Gus kept his mom company while she got her hair and makeup done for This Is Us, with Moore sharing on Instagram, "Mama's got a new makeup artist helping these days."

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Water You Lookin' At?

Mandy Moore/Instagram; Mandy moore’s son August
Mandy Moore/Instagram

Moore made sure to document "baby's first dip in the Atlantic," when she took Gus to the beach in Aug. 2021.

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Grinning from Ear to Ear

Mandy Moore/Instagram; Mandy moore’s son August
Mandy Moore/Instagram

"Hope your day is going as well this guy's. 🍳," Moore wrote alongside a photo of Gus showing off his toothy grin.

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So Grateful

Mandy Moore/Instagram; Mandy moore’s son August
Mandy Moore/Instagram

Moore mused on Instagram in December 2021, "Everyone says it keeps getting better and boy is that the truth. Every age. Every stage. So grateful for this little man and every twist and turn of this life together."

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Merry Christmas, Baby

Mandy Moore/Instagram; Mandy moore’s son August
Mandy Moore/Instagram

Gus sure made the Christmas season merry and bright for his mom and dad in December 2021.

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Taking Time to Reflect

Mandy Moore/Instagram; Mandy moore’s son August
Mandy Moore/Instagram

Just before her little boy's 1st birthday, Moore shared a photo of Gus and his dad laying in the grass together. She wrote, "As I approach the one year mark of motherhood, I'm feeling all the feelings- with an overwhelming sense of gratitude rising to the top. Life is moving a million miles an hour (always) and I'm trying my best to stay present and soak it all in. These two make it easy to live in and savor the patchwork of little dreams and quiet, simple moments together."

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Birthday Boy!

Mandy Moore Celebrates Son Gus' 1st Birthday
Mandy Moore Instagram

The family of three celebrated Gus's first birthday on Feb. 20, 2022, with the proud mom sharing on Instagram, "1st birthday party was a hit! Making memories and so full of love and cake. #thisisgus."

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Just One-derful

Mandy Moore Celebrates Son Gus' 1st Birthday
Mandy Moore Instagram

Goldsmith wrote in his social media tribute to his son, "1ST BIRTHDAY!!!! THANKS FOR BEING THE COOLEST GUY I KNOW, GUS! I don't think I can put into words what this last year has meant to me and how much I love this little human….Happy Birthday Goose. Sorry you don't know what that means yet. Can't wait to watch you faceplant a cake today."

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Dropping the Ball

Moore did her own take on the 'drop challenge' in March, joking about all the things moms have to bend down and pick up in a cute video with Gus.

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Video Star

Speaking of videos, Gus made his music video debut in March in the video for Mom's new single, "In Real Life."

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Spring Fling

Mandy Moore
Courtesy Gymboree

The Goldsmiths were pastel perfect while partnering with Gymboree and Delivering Good to give back this Easter.

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