Mandy Moore Breastfeeds Baby Gus While Still in 'This Is Us' Makeup: I Hope He Won't 'Need Therapy'

Mandy Moore was breastfeeding her baby boy while still wearing her makeup to play her elderly character in This Is Us

Mandy Moore
Photo: Mandy Moore/Instagram

Mandy Moore is hoping she didn't confuse her baby boy after breastfeeding him while not looking like her usual self.

On Thursday, the actress, 37, shared on her Instagram Story that she was breastfeeding her 10-week-old son August "Gus" Harrison, whom she shares with husband Taylor Goldsmith, while still wearing her makeup to play her elderly character on This Is Us.

Moore, who plays Rebecca Pearson at multiple different ages on the series, explained that she had just finished filming the NBC show's fifth season that same day.

In the short clip posted to her Story, baby Gus' hand can be seen resting on his mother's chest.

"Now I'm just feeding my child. I hope he's not gonna need therapy for this later," Moore teased.

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Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore/Instagram

Last month, Moore revealed that she had been experiencing some breastfeeding difficulties and was dealing with a "plugged milk duct" while pumping at work.

She later updated fans on the pain, sharing how she was pushing through it with home remedies and finding what works for her body.

"Home from work at 2am and been up for a bit feeding and trying to sort through this clogged duct," she wrote over a selfie in the bathtub. "Thanks for all the sweet messages, fellow nursing friends."

"Definitely doing football holds and exclusively nursing on the one impacted side, lecithin, massage, hot epsom Salt baths, etc.," added Moore. "I have a suspicion it's from being back at work and pumping more often then having him on the boob during the day. ALL good!"

Mandy moore
Mandy moore/ instagram

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Back in March, the actress shared that she felt "lucky" that nursing hadn't been a hassle for her at the time.

"I feel — knock on wood — very lucky. I think maybe because I had such a grueling labor, the gods were smiling down on me in terms of breastfeeding," she said on an episode of Informed Pregnancy Podcast with Dr. Elliot Berlin. "Because it's been, knock on wood, relatively easy. He latched immediately. I haven't had any issues with supply. He is a very hungry, well-fed dude."

"I had the newbie nipple soreness and had to build up my tolerance and threshold for ... I liken it to playing guitar where you get your calluses on your fingers. You know what I mean?" continued Moore. "You get calluses on your nipples and then it doesn't hurt as much. But he's a great feeder, he's a great sleeper. And that really hasn't been an issue thus far, so I'm grateful of that."

"I have an oversupply of milk. If anything, that's been something that I've been dealing with, but I'm sure it will regulate itself and be fine down the road," she added.

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