Toting tots with Mamma's Milk

Celebrity moms like Kate Hudson, Gwen Stefani, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Garner have all been spotted toting their tots in the hippest baby slings.

What’s the buzz about? Slings let your infant sleep (or nurse) in a natural fetal position while you go about your normal day, and let toddlers ride on your hip, like Angelina Jolie‘s daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt and Kate Hudson‘s son Ryder. They’re not just for infants- you can use them from birth until your child is about three years old. Babywearing in general is great because slings are easier than a stroller, lighter than lugging a carseat, and faster and less bulky than traditional front carriers.

Mamma’s Milk slings are all invisibly adjustable with no exposed buttons, rings, buckles, snaps or zippers. They have a pouch that hold a diaper or two along with their baby wipes holders they call "Wipes Packs" – slip them in the sling and you can really be hands-free!

FYI: Jennifer Garner has the Violet Surprise Inside silk sling (pictured above) and Gwen Stefani has the Baby Blue silk sling (pictured left). Kate Hudson and Angelina Jolie have the Black Stretch Cotton. They have 12 patterns and 5 solids to choose from.

I love their make-your-own babywearing avatars. Add one to your email or messageboard signature- here’s mine. They also have a great celebrity babywearing gallery.

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