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Updated April 04, 2007 08:07 AM

By Lena ofMamaPop

Bruce Willis
& Demi Moore had four at once.

Jude Law slept with his.

Robin Williams ended up marrying his.

Madonna recently had to stop hers from telling all.

Britney Spears got nude in front of hers.

Tom Cruise is said to have the most iron-clad confidentiality agreements with his.

Noel Gallagher and Patsy Kensit have been known to provide flats and sports cars for their’s.

We’re talking about nannies of course: the silent backbones of most every celebrity family. Leslie Gornstein from Live Dailyinterviewed Kim Hong, former nanny to an action-movie mogul’s family, and broke down the fundamentals:

While most nannies are bound by their confidentiality agreements – Tom Cruisereportedly won’t even allow his to divulge who they work for – some goon to make a lucrative career with their celebrity experiences.

Suzanne Hansen’s book You’ll Never Nanny In This Town Again became a NY Times Bestseller when it promised juicy tidbits about her former employer, Hollywood uber-agent Michael Ovitz, exposing intimate details of his family’s life from marital spats to what they ate for dinner.

It makes you wonder, is hiring a nanny worth it? Would you trade your privacy to have the help?

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