September 09, 2007 07:40 PM

In better very, very late than never news, celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal, 35, and her husband, Phil Bickett, welcomed twin daughters on December 12th, 2006, after 45 days of bedrest. Sophie Grace weighed in at 3 lbs, 13 oz, and Pilar Elizabeth — named for Mally’s mother, who passed away from breast cancer when Mally was 17 — was 4 lbs, 14 oz.

Mally and Phil introduce their girls, 9 months this week, in this month’s issue of Parents magazine — click below for all the photos and baby related highlights, including Mally’s one rule, what she wants to share with her girls when they want to play with makeup, and the advice she got from Celine Dion.

On her love of makeup: I’ve always loved makeup. My mom was a very glamorous woman — I remember vividly being in her arms while she did her makeup. I spent most of my childhood in her dressing room trying on her clothes. And since I was a child, I’ve put makeup on anything that wasn’t nailed down.

Now I have two girls, and the legacy continues! I’ve turned one bedroom into a boudoir. This is where I put on my makeup — seated, by the window with light streaming in. I’ll share it with my girls when they want to start playing with makeup.

[Jokes] Yeah, they’re wearing lip gloss. [laughs] They both have really longeyelashes. I can’€™t wait to get my dirty little hands on them.

Her one rule: My mom and dad had one rule: Treat everyone the way you want to be treated — with respect and kindness. That’s the way my husband and I live our lives, and I can’t wait to instill this in my girls.

Mally’s favorite time with the girls
: Phil and I have our nighttime ritual with the babies. At about 7:15, we head upstairs for bath time. I get in the tub, and Phil brings me the naked babies. Then, we give them a bottle and put them to bed — thank goodness we have two; otherwise we’d be fighting over who gets to hold the baby!

On music: Music is a big part of our lives. Whenever I hear Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez, it totally gets me going. I sing Celine Dion to the girls and we all love Gwen Stefani.

On reading: My girls’ favorite book is ‘I Love You Through and Through‘ ($9). Sometimes, I even read Us Weekly out loud to the babies — just so they hear my voice and I can catch up on my gossip.

Advice from her celeb clients: Celine Dion is probably the hardest-working mom I know. When I had my babies, she told me: ‘Always be the one to put them to bed.’ And I am.

Source: Parents, September issue, p. 118-120; KSL

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