Malawian man says he didn't know Madonna would keep his son

Despite his previous assertion that he wanted Madonna to adopt his son David, Yohane Banda, the father of Madonna and Guy Ritchie‘s new Malawian son, is now saying that he didn’t understand that David would become their son permanently. In an interview with Reuters TV, Yohane said, "Had they told us thatMadonna wanted to adopt my son and make him her own son, we would nothave agreed to that."

He added,"Itwould have been better for him to continue staying at the orphanagebecause I see no reason why my child should be given away forever whenI can feed him. Icannot read and write so I relied on what the (government) officialstold me that the papers said Madonna would look after the child the waythe orphanage planned to educate him and then he comes back to me."

He said that he sent David to live at the orphanage because after his wife passed away of malaria, he could not afford formula nor could his grandmother breastfeed him. He told People magazine, "David was born when Malawi didn’t have enough food. Even if we wanted to give him porridge, we had none. In any case, you don’t give porridge to a 1-week-old baby."

"We sent this child to an orphanage because at onemonth we could not look after him, we did not have a health centernearby and the orphanage was the ideal place for him," he said.

"Whatwe agreed with Madonna was that she looks after my child until hefinishes school, becomes independent and comes back home to us," hesaid.

Source: CNN and People, October 30, 2006 issue

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If David’s father was confused or even tricked about the nature of David’s adoption, should he be returned to his father?

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