Malawian man says Madonna adopted his son

According to the Associated Press, who spoke to representatives in the Malawi government, an interim order has been issued, allowing Madonna to take the one year old David home and adoption papers have been filed in court.

Penston Kilimbe, director of child welfareservices in the Ministry of Gender, Child Welfare and CommunityServices, said, "They have followed the normal processes. This has beengoing on for some time. Now this is the completion point."

Madonna has a charity called Raising Malawi that is in the process of setting up an orphanage for up to 4,000 children. Among its teachings and projects will be Kabbalah.

There is some controversy because Malawian interest groups feel that local adoptions are preferred to international ones. However, as Jackie Schoeman, the executive director Cotlands, a South African organizationthat cares for children affected by HIV, said, "Ifthe only other option is for them to be in a long-term institution thenwe would consider international adoption."

What do you think? Should American celebrities adopt internationally?

Originally posted October 11:
Despite claims by Madonna‘s publicist that she hasn’t adopted any children, a Malawi man is claiming that Madonna adopted his son David. Yohame Banda says that the baby’s mother died a month after giving birth to him a year ago and had been living at the Home of Hope OrphanCare Center in Mchinji, near the Zambian border. Says Yohame, "I am very, very happy because, asyou can see, there is poverty in this village, and I know he will bevery well looked after in America."

The baby’s grandmother said, "Thedirector of the orphanage came here yesterday and told us that Davidhas been adopted by a famous American singer. I am very glad for himbecause having grown up as an orphan myself, I know how tough life canbe."

The director of the orphanage, Reverend Thompson John Chipeta, refuses to speak to the media.

Source: New York Post, Page Six and Associated Press

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