Malawi human rights group attempts to block Ritchie adoption

Citing country laws that insist a person interested in adopting a child must stay with the child for 18 months, a Malawian human rights group is attempting to block the adoption of 13 month old David by Madonna and Guy Ritchie.

Although the couple was granted interim custody of the baby on Friday, David could not yet leave the country as his passport is still being processed. Madonna and Guy flew home to England for daughter Lourdes‘ 10th over the weekend, but are expected to pick up their new son shortly.

However, concerns have been raised over "a bending of the rules" for Madonna. Traditionally, parents interested in adopting in Malawi must foster the child in country for at least a year and a half – preferably two years. For this reason, only seven children from Malawi have been adopted in the United States in the last five years.

The human rights group is concerned that because Madonna has funded six existing orphanages and is now building a new one, she may be allowed to circumvent the fostering rule. Says Madonna’s rep, "Madonna and her legal counsel have been working on her plans to adopt a baby from Malawi for quite some time. She had hoped to keep this very private and a family matter, but things didn’t go that way..I was not made aware of many of the chapters in this ongoing process. Hopefully Madonna and family will soon be reunited once everything goes through."

Yohane Banda is angry about the new development, saying, "As David’s father I have no problem (with the adoption), so what is their concern? Are they jealous or what? What I want is good life, a good education for my child." David’s mother died a week after childbirth, and unable to feed him, Yohane surrendered him to the orphanage. Concerns have also been raised about Yohane – relatives say he may be under the impression that the adoption is not permanent, and that Madonna will raise David and then bring him back to Malawi.

Source: People

What do you think? Should Madonna be allowed to circumvent the rules and adopt David? Should her monetary donation and time spent be enough? Or should she have to go through the 18-24 month process like everyone else? We’re especially interested in hearing from trying to adopt or adoptive parents!

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