Magic Dog Studio: Wearable Art

Every once in a while I come across a product that leaves methinking “Oh my god, I need that right now!” Such was the case when I cameacross the Magic Dog Studio line – a line of handcrafted and custom-made jewelryand home decor.

This is not your typical “mom’s” jewelry with beads and birthstones. Instead, artist Jennifer Bunt – a trained metalsmith– uses sterling silver and copper to create beautiful pieces that literally turninto wearable art.

With the Off the Fridge and Out of the Drawer series,Jennifer takes a piece of artwork by your child and transforms it into abeautiful piece of jewelry. The Prints in Metal series works under the sameconcept except that instead of using artwork you can have your child’sfingerprint, handprint or footprint etched into a keepsake you will treasureforever.

I was seriously so impressed by her work I couldn’t get itout of my head and I finally asked her to make me a piece. Being that my daughter is only a little overa year old, I decided to do a thumbprint (I actually ended up getting a toeprint instead because it was so difficult to get her little fingerprints not tosmudge!). Jennifer worked with methroughout the entire process to customize it to my liking (I got her nickname engraved in the back and added a little tag with her full name to the clasp) and suffice to say, the final outcome wasbreathtaking. I have been wearing thisnecklace every single day (I have a feeling that my daughter is going to haveto fight me for it one day) and people are continuously asking me about it.

If jewelry isn’t your thing, Magic Dog Studio can also do awall piece to decorate your home with. Prices range from $65 to $125 with alarge selection of necklaces and bracelets to choose from. To check out theselection and to order visit

I can’t think of any mom (or dad for that matter) I know whowouldn’t instantly fall in love with this line of jewelry. If you are searchingfor the perfect gift for a parent get them a gift certificate to Magic DogStudio and I guarantee you will take the title of best gift giver ever.

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