While many couples may view parenting as a partnership, first-time mom Maggie Gyllenhaal believes there is no such thing. “It’s a good effort to make, but I don’t think splitting parenting equally is possible,” she tells American Baby. According to the actress, despite working with her husband Peter Sarsgaard to “do our best to share duties” when it comes to their 2 ½-year-old daughter Ramona, Maggie admits nothing replaces a mother’s love!

Enjoying their life together a family of three in New York City, Maggie shares that certain aspects of the metropolitan lifestyle leave much to be desired! “I can’t lift the stroller down the subway stairs by myself, so sometimes I walk ten blocks to the station with an elevator,” she explains. As for the difficult task of transferring trains with Ramona and gear in tow, the 31-year-old says not a chance! “I don’t know why it has to be so hard,” she wonders.

An advocate of breastfeeding, Maggie encourages fellow moms to take care of themselves — as well as baby! — after giving birth. Advising new moms to drink water while they nurse, she also notes that a daily nap can make all the difference.

Despite all her advice, Maggie says the bottom line of parenting is to simply trust your instincts. “I couldn’t make ‘crying it out’ work, but everyone’s different,” she explains.

Source: American Baby; May issue

— Anya