Madonna's adoption drama dissuades Angelina Jolie

Watching the drama that pop icon Madonna has endured throughout the adoption of her new 13-month-old son David from Malawi, actress Angelina Jolie, was rumored to have been so affected that she has cancelled plans to look into adopting her next child from India.

"Angelina was so saddened," a source says. "When people start questioning the legality of adoption, of whether you’ll be able to keep the child, it gets into a territory that’s just heartbreaking."

Angelina, her partner Brad Pitt, and their three children, Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh, are in India shooting the film, A Mighty Heart and are said to have visited a local orphanage.

A source says, "Angelina has a philosophy that people enter your life for a reason, that you go to a place for a reason. This made India a perfect spot for them to explore introducing a new culture into their lives. She believes so strongly in adoption. Brad would prefer a boy no older than 18 months to even out the sexes but Angie has told him she can’t guarantee she won’t fall in love with a little girl. They had originally hoped to be able to bring the child home before Christmas, and had even thought of a name, India, to honour the child’s homeland."

Source: New Magazine (UK) via The Bosh

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