The Sweetest Photos of Madonna and Her Children

The singer and her family — kids Lourdes, Rocco, David, Mercy, Estere and Stella — are as close as can be

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"Last night was fire," Madonna wrote of her family's Fourth of July celebrations in 2022.

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Madonna family
Madonna's family. Madonna/Instagram

On Jan. 7, 2022, the singer shared photos from her snowy vacation in Saanen, Switzerland, including a family snap featuring all six of her children.

"Farewell Gstaad……….We will never forget your Mountains or your Moonshine! ❄️⛷🏔🌙 💙🥲," Madonna captioned the carousel of photos from the trip.

The group was also joined by Lourdes' boyfriend Jonathan Puglia and Madonna's boyfriend Ahlamalik Williams.

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Madonna, Rocco Ritchie, Lourdes Leon, and family
Madonna, Rocco Ritchie, Lourdes Leon and family. Ricardo Gomes

Happy birthday, Mom! The pop icon celebrated her 63rd birthday with her six kids by her side at a Byzantine-themed bash in August.

Madonna is mom to sons Rocco Ritchie, 21, and David Banda, 16, whom she shares with ex Guy Ritchie; daughter Lourdes Leon, 25, whom she shares with ex Carlos Leon; plus daughters Mercy, 15, and twins Estere and Stella, 9.

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Madonna family
Rocco and his brother. Madonna/Instagram

Love you, brother! The "Material Girl" singer shared a throwback of her sons striking a pose with traditional Zulu shields as part of an Instagram tribute for Rocco's 21st birthday.

"We Have Been on many Trips together around the World 🌎🌍🌏 But the Greatest journey i have taken with you is the one inside my ♥️," she captioned the carousel.

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Madonna family
Madonna's daughters. Madonna/Instagram

Sporty sisters Estere, Stella and Mercy James practiced their tennis skills on the court with a trainer in July, as Madonna cheered from the sidelines.

"Watch out Venus and Serena................ 🎾🎾" the proud mom said of the snap.

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Madonna and her children with her father Silvio. madonna/instagram

Party time! Five of Madonna's six gathered for grandfather Silivio's 90th birthday, a special celebration at Ciccone Vineyard & Winery in the singer's native Michigan.

"My father is a survivor growing up as an Italian Immigrant in the US and living thru many traumas but always working hard for everything he had — He taught me the importance of hard work and earning one's way in life.............Again I thank you, 🙏🏼" she wrote in a post.

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Madonna family
The twins. Madonna/Instagram

In late May, the twins showed off their skateboarding skills and pedaled on a paddle boat on what Madonna summed up as a "happy day" — the end of a year of homeschooling!

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Madonna and Lourdes Leon
Madonna and Lourdes Leon. Madonna/Instagram

"Like Pieces of your Heart Walking around outside of you," Madonna mused about motherhood, sharing a shot of her and Lourdes snuggling close for a selfie in the spring.

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Madonna family
Madonna and Mercy. Madonna/Instagram

It was a matching moment for mom and daughter when Mercy James and Madonna twinned in turquoise at her 15th birthday party.

In another fun moments from the Instagram montage, the birthday girl gave her younger sister a hand with her skateboarding form — and beamed in a group pic with her mom, some of her siblings, and Rosie O'Donnell with family at the skatepark party!

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Madonna family
Madonna's family at Christmas. Madonna/Instagram

Madonna and her four youngest children got the tree ready for Christmas in December 2020, and the artist teased that her kids "roasted" her homemade ornament in adorable family footage.

"I was going for a needy starfish ⭐️," she said of the holiday decoration. "I have not mastered the glue gun."

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Madonna and her family. Madonna/Instagram

Feeling the grateful for all her blessings, the seven-time Grammy winner gave a glimpse of her family's Thanksgiving celebration with all six of her kids by her side.

"Beautiful Souvenir .............Giving Thanks," she wrote of a montage of home videos, adding the hashtag #everyday. Boyfriend Ahlamalik Williams also attended the festivities as well.

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Madonna family
The kids playing soccer,. Madonna/Instagram

Soccer is a shared passion for this famous family! Madonna showed off David, Estere and Stella's skills on the field with fun footage of the kids practicing and perfecting their game.

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Madonna with her children. Madonna/Instagram

Gang's all here! Madonna posted a photo with all six of her children in July 2018 as the group visited the Malawi hospital she built one year after its opening.

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Madonna with Estere and Stella. madonna/Instagram

Double the love! Confirming Estere and Stella's adoption from Malawi in 2017, Madonna wrote, "I have completed the process of adopting twin sisters from Malawi and am overjoyed that they are now part of our family," she wrote alongside a photo of herself holding hands with her daughters. "I am deeply grateful to all those in Malawi who helped make this possible."

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Madonna and Mercy. Thoko Chikondi/AP

In July 2017, Madonna opened Malawi's first-ever pediatric surgery and intensive care center, which she named The Mercy James Institute for Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care, after her daughter. At the opening ceremony, the pop icon opened up about Mercy, who was suffering from malaria when Madonna first met and eventually adopted the then-4-year-old girl.

"I fought for Mercy, and I won. It wasn't easy," Madonna said. "And with the blood, sweat, and tears of so many people here today, we fought for this hospital — and we won. So I'm here to say: never, ever give up on your dreams. Never stop fighting for what you believe in. And finally: Love conquers all."

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Madonna and her children. Madonna/Instagram

When Father's Day came around in 2017, Madonna wasted no time in celebrating the holiday herself. "And Happy Father's Day to Me too because lets face it ... Im the Mommy and the Daddy," the singer wrote on Instagram. "I don't care what the papers say."

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Estere and Stella. Madonna/Instagram

A rainy day in Lisbon, Portugal, didn't stop Estere and Stella from having some fun.

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Stella. Madonna/Instagram

Stella showed she already has her mom's style in an artsy February 2018 photo.

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Madonna and Mercy. Madonna/Instagram

In a January 2018 birthday message to Mercy, Madonna called her daughter a "rare and beautiful child."

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David and the twins.

David played proud big bro when his sisters came to his soccer game — and he scored two goals!

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Mercy and the twins. Madonna/Instagram

Madonna's pride in her children was evident in her Mother's Day 2018 photo.

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The twins. Madonna/Instagram

"I can get through my day now!!" Madonna wrote alongside this bright shot of her youngest children — and so can we!

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Mercy and the twins.

In April 2018, Madonna's Easter angels — a.k.a. her three youngest daughters — got together for a funny filtered pic.

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The twins.

Matching outfits, matching headbands and matching snacks for Estere and Stella in this smiley shot.

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The twins. Madonna/Instagram

Scrub a dub dub, it's Estere and Stella in the tub in July 2018!

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The twins and Madonna. Madonna/Instagram. Inset: Stephen Lovekin/Getty

The "Express Yourself" singer shared a sweet video of four of her six kids dancing to The Greatest Showman's "Rewrite The Stars," sung by Zac Efron and Zendaya.

Estere and Stella appeared excited as they were twirled by their older brother, David, who seemed skilled at juggling them both throughout the impromptu dance. Older sister Mercy also made a cameo, appearing briefly as she sang a lyric before walking off camera.

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The twins. Madonna/Instagram

In August 2018, Madonna shared a photo of her smiley twins, writing, "Lets Make America Great Again!!!!! Love all people. Embrace all people, Remember that This country was built by immigrants and most of all look up the word #ironic#sailboatvibes #rebelhearts #lovemakestheworldgoround"

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Madonna with son David and daughter Stella. Thoko Chikondi/AP

It was a family affair! Madonna planted a kiss on her daughter, Stella, as son David carried the tot during the opening ceremony of The Mercy James Institute for Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care in Malawi.

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Madonna, the twins and David. Madonna/Instagram

The singer shared a sweet photo on both Twitter and Instagram that showed twins Stella and Estere sleeping on top of brother David while the trio dozed on a couch. Madonna was there too, sleeping on the couch's cushions alongside a fourth unidentified child.

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The twins. Madonna/Instagram

Future sports superstars! Madonna's twin daughters geared up for soccer practice.

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Mercy, David and the twins. Madonna/Instagram

Estere and Stella wore matching butterfly pajamas while flashing their big smiles alongside older siblings Mercy and David.

"Pajama Game on…The Revolution of [love] starts at home!" the singer captioned the photo with several crying-laughing emoji faces and a heart emoji.

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The twins. Source: Madonna/Instagram

The legendary entertainer took to Instagram to share a photo of the twins rocking matching black-and-gold tracksuits with coordinating bow headbands. "Today's Blessing brought to you by Adidas!" Madonna captioned the sweet snap.

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The twins. Madonna/Instagram

Madonna's twin daughters are pint-sized fashionistas! The pop icon shared a sweet photo of the newest additions to her family striking a candid pose while trying on a brunette and blonde wig from their mom's collection. "Getting Ready For the week Ahead," she captioned the post.

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Lourdes and the twins. Madonna/Instagram

"3 Beauties! Lola spends time with twins, Stella and Estere at Home of Hope Orphanage," the songstress wrote, captioning a photo of her eldest with the twins.

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The twins. Madonna/Instagram

"What happens when you get your first Barbie Doll! Pikachu is left in the dust!" Madonna captioned an adorable clip. The girls may have felt like their new dolls were more an extension of the family than toys, though, considering they began singing "The Finger Family Song" in full force while playing with their Barbies.

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Mercy. Source: Madonna/Instagram

Much like her brother David, Mercy took to the slopes like a pro during a family ski trip. Here, she was spotted posing with a huge smile in her winter gear and looking like she's been skiing since she was born — no surprise, considering her general athletic prowess.

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Source: Madonna/Instagram
David, Madonna and Mercy. Source: Madonna/Instagram

Mercy, David and Madonna came together to promote the new Pediatric Surgery Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi, in 2016.

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