Throughout pregnancy, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, weaning and weight loss, our bodies go up and down in size and dimension (yes, stuff shifts around!). Generally, you can get away with wearing a smaller or larger clothing size and looser or more fitting styles to account for the adjustments, but when it comes to bras, fit really matters. Once you’ve had a bra-fitting, you’ll understand why — simply guessing your size or eyeballing doesn’t work — you need to be measured. A great fitting bra really is the foundation for the rest of your clothes. But, as moms, we rarely have time to shop for ourselves, let alone take the 10 minutes that a bra-fitting takes. That’s why the new Macy’s Fit Matters video series is a fabulous resource for moms — it helps you get a near-perfect fit without leaving your home. All you need is a tape measure.

At, watch up to nine videos that feature bra fit specialists giving expert advice on the correct way to measure, pick and wear a bra. There are even a few videos of women telling their real-life funny bra stories.

After you take your measurements according to the specific instructions, enter them in the Fit Calculator to learn your size. Then click Bra Finder and choose from nine style categories like t-shirt (which have smooth micro-fiber cups that won’t show under knits), demi (which are great for lowcut or wide neckline styles), padded and push-up, wireless, full coverage, minimizer, strapless and specialty, plus-size and sport. (I only wish they had a nursing bra category but it doesn’t appear that Macy’s carries nursing bras.) When you click the category, the site displays the styles that come in your size — no more having to search the racks only to find that they don’t carry your size in that style. Us big cup girls know all about that!

Other interesting features of the site include Customers’ Top-Rated (currently the Maidenform One Fabulous Fit Stretch Demi Underwire Bra, $31, which received 4.4 out of 5 stars), Laundry List which tells you how to care for your bras (hand-washing is best but if you can’t, use a mesh bag; never put them in the dryer; rotate between your bras to prolong their life; and replace them every six months because bras do stretch out and lose their elasticity – an old saggy bra is just as bad as an ill-fitting one), and the Q&A which helps you solve problems like bulges under your arm (try a full-coverage bra), bands digging into your back (try a larger band size), and bunched-up bra cups (go down a cup size but up a band size).

Obviously nothing beats an in-person fitting because you can try on all of the sizes and brands without dealing with returns, but if you can’t squeeze that in, try Macy’s Fit Matters!

— Danielle