"It's hard to be back to work with such full force early on because your brain is not fully there. You have baby brain," McConaughey, 30, jokes to PEOPLE.
Camila McConaughey Breastfeeding

Gregg DeGuire/Wireimage

Just three months after delivering son Livingston, Camila Alves McConaughey is already back at work, promoting a new Macy’s I.N.C. line as the brand’s spokesmodel, but she’s the first to admit it’s not easy.

“It’s hard to be back to work with such full force early on because your brain is not fully there. You have baby brain,” she jokes to PEOPLE.

“I was on The View answering a question and halfway through, I lost my train of thought. You just laugh at it.”

Part of returning to her schedule includes striking a balance between her professional duties and tending to her children, including nursing her baby boy.

“It’s three little ones that need mom all at the same time,” Alves McConaughey, 30, says. “I’m running to dinner, running back to breastfeed, go do this, run back to breastfeed, breastfeed all night, start your day at 5 a.m., lack of sleep — all of it.”

One component the multitasking mom seems to have nailed down is regaining her post-baby body, the look of which Alves McConaughey says she’s achieved with pieces from the I.N.C. collection.

“There’s a few items I absolutely love,” she says. “They have this one pair of white denim that’s really stretchy and feels really soft. I grew up with stretchy denim and it’s really hard to find in the United States. It gives you a good backside, I must say.”

“The peplum is a great top that they have,” she adds. “If you’re trying to hide something in the belly area, it’s very forgiving as well.”

Following her work commitments, the model will return to husband Matthew McConaughey‘s home state of Texas, which the family moved back to in 2012.

“It’s great for [Levi, 4½, and Vida, 3] because they really get to have a regular life,” she says of trading Los Angeles for Austin.

“People are not looking at them — they’re not impressed by anything. You go inside of a restaurant, no one’s turning their faces, looking at the door every five minutes to see who’s coming in. Everybody’s really doing their own thing.”

But while the family’s move may have been inspired by Austin’s abiding of Matthew’s “just keep livin'” philosophy, there’s one thing that Alves McConaughey admits wasn’t:

“No! We never made that [connection],” she says of the inspiration behind son Livingston’s name.

— Kiran Hefa