Maclaren Techno XLR: A Bigger Stroller for Bigger Babies

We have former airline pilot and aeronautical engineer Owen Maclaren to thank for the umbrella-fold baby stroller, liberating us from the bulky pram. Now, 40 years later, Maclaren, is innovating once again with a new stroller designed for the larger child. Based on their bestseller, the Techno XT, the Techno XLR offers a higher weight and width accommodation. The XLR is a full-feature stroller that can hold up to 65 pounds of kid- that’s 10 pounds more than the Techno XT, and more than any other stroller currently on the market- and is 10% wider than the Techno XT.

This stroller is not meant for your sixth grader, though! Responding to the requests of parents with larger children, Maclaren has met a need that is becoming more prevalent. A recent US government study showed that more than 23% of children ages 2 through 5 are currently overweight, and a recent study published in Pediatrics estimates that more than 280,000 children in the US are too big for the standard car seat.

The Techno XLR can be used from birth, all the way up to when they weigh 65 pounds. It will accommodate major manufacturers’ infant car seats with the included adaptor bar. Retailing for $350, the Techno XLR will be available beginning in December 2006.

Kiersten from New York City and mom to 15 month old Finn, took the Techno XLR for a test drive. Here’s what she told us:

We’ve been running around in our new XLR for a few days now and it’s really terrific. The biggest plus is obviously the size. At 15 months, Finn is over 30 pounds, over 33″ and getting bigger by the day, so he’s starting to overflow his Bugaboo Frog and Maclaren Techno. This new XLR is super spacious. Unlike our other Maclaren stroller, Finn’s body doesn’t overhang. Not only is the seat deeper and wider, it has a nice big basket, tall, adjustable handlebars, reflective trim, 2 pockets on the back of the hood and big wheels. It handles well, even over curbs and bumpy, broken sidewalks. Despite the fact that it’s larger, it’s still compact enough for running errands in the city or for stowing in the trunk or our apartment. The canopy is especially nice. It has great coverage, unzips for even more coverage and has a viewing window on top, so I can actually see what he’s doing. The grey color is not the most exciting, but the 2007 model will offer more choices. It comes with a reversible seat pad and shoulder strap covers, an infant head support and a car seat adapter. I personally would prefer a boot since I probably won’t use a car seat, but it is nice that the adapter is included. There are snaps for the boot, but one was not included with this model. Overall, it’s a great, functional stroller that will easily take you from birth until you no longer need a stroller.

Attention stroller spotters: They’ve also got a new brand identity. Reflecting the company’s English origin, seven red diamonds align to form an “M” that bring to mind plaid, along with uppercase letters spelling “MACLAREN.” The new Maclaren logo is all about paying homage to its origins while looking forward in design. The new branding can be seen beginning with the 2007 Global Collection.

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