Maclaren 4 Seasons Stroller: A year-round adventure buggy

I like my strollers to be as fashionable as they are functional and sometimes this is a problem. I don’t want babyish carton characters on my stroller and I don’t want bubblegum pink or baby blue. And I have a love-hate relationship with lightweight strollers — mainly stemming from how easily they tip backwards. So it was by sheer coincidence that I stumbled across the Maclaren 4 Seasons Stroller. And I haven’t stopped staring at it since. This stroller is a marvel and beauty and holds other stroller manufacturers to a higher standard.

Celebrities who have been spotted pushing Maclaren strollers include, Michelle Williams, Cate Blanchett, Heidi Klum, Anna Friel, Jennifer Garner, Adam Sandler, Melissa Joan Hart, Melania Trump, Eddie Vedder and Maggie Gyllenhaal, to name a few.

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The Seat

The 4 Seasons’ seat is what makes this stroller truly unique, it’s based on the popular Ryder frame but with completely individualized style options. The 4 Seasons comes with three completely reversible fabric linings for summer, spring and autumn and one super cozy and comfy footmuff for winter. This means that whatever your mood or whatever the season you’ll have the option to change your stroller at a moment’s notice.

When you put the stroller together it starts with the tan seat you see above. You simply select the reversible seat liner you wish to use and Velcro it on, slipping the Maclaren-standard 5-point harness through the notches helps secure it in place. It’s really that easy! The seat liners are all incredibly soft and plush and the reversible sides leave endless opportunities. The footmuff is absolutely to die for, I wanted to curl up in it the minute I attached it to the stroller.

All Maclaren strollers come with a standard 5-point harness that is very easy to use. The top straps come over the shoulder and clip to the waist straps. The waist clips insert into a clasp and stay securely latched until someone is able to unclip them. Because they aren’t made for your child to undo, they do require a tad amount of effort, but it’s nothing to complain about really. Because the shoulder straps clip to the waist straps you only have to undo the clasp at the crotch to free your child.

The reversible liners are completely washable and even the tan seat that’s standard on the frame is completely removable and washable. The sunshade/hood is water resistant and in a pretty matching tan color to the standard seat. I was really wow-ed by the beauty of the seat before I even placed a liner on it. The colors are crisp and classic and the tan seat on grey frame is a gorgeous combination.

The seat has four recline positions and since it can lay completely flat, it’s suitable for use from birth. And it comes with a rain cover to help protect children from all the elements!

The Frame
The frame is made of a high performance aluminum that makes this stroller very light and really strong. The assembled stroller (without hood, shopping basket or raincover) weighs a little less than 15 pounds, making this stroller a totally portable choice.

The handlebars are not height-adjustable, but they’re at a pretty average height and pretty comfortable for most anyone I know. The handles turn inwards slightly making them a comfortable, ergonomic fit and are foam insulated for further comfort.

Maclaren strollers are known for their folds, and this one is no exception to the rule. They dub it a "5-second one hand fold" and we agree with the statement. You simply use your foot to raise the tab on the back of the shopping basket and then push down on the center bar on the back of the shopping basket. Lastly you push the stroller down onto itself and it folds up nice and neat and locks in that position! Best of all, the fold is super-compact and leaves plenty of room in your trunk for other items. Also, unlike some other strollers I know, it will fold (and lock!) even with the footmuff on! I hate having to remove accessories to shove a stroller in my trunk.

The 4 Seasons comes with a Maclaren storage bag as a standard accessory, so you can easily store your stroller in there while it’s not in use. The bag is plenty roomy and you don’t have to struggle to get the stroller into it. I found it helpful, if not for any other reason, to hold the extra liners and raincover so they didn’t get lost. The bag makes it easy to schlep around if you’re traveling, but if you prefer to pack small, the stroller itself has a handle on the frame to help you tote it around.


In general, lightweight strollers feel the rough terrain a bit more. My daughter can feel the bumps, but I have to say that this stroller’s cushy seat helped her not mind them. On the way to the park we hit a couple of rough spots and rolled over some rocks and sticks. While I felt the stroller push through the problems, she didn’t seem bothered at all.

In the mall this stroller is a superstar. It’s small design, light weight and nimble steering make it the perfect errand runner. I could push and dart through small spaces with ease and never felt like I was pulling dead weight, like I do with some heavier strollers. This baby can literally spin on a dime, I’m always impressed when I make turns or change direction!

Final Thoughts

There isn’t much that Maclaren hasn’t thought of with this stroller. It’s definitely not their lightest model — I am actually happy with that fact, as it meant my stroller didn’t flip backwards with any shift in weight in the seat. I also truly adored the blanket accessory they packaged with it and use it all the time. It’s so plush and soft! The 4 Seasons is not Maclaren’s cheapest model, but when you factor in the fashionable seat liners and from-birth capabilities it
‘s actually worth the pennies. Because it’s one of their top of the line models, I felt like this stroller was made to perform and it sure did. I never felt I was lacking in anything!

Three stylish, reversible seat liners and footmuff
Storage tote and handle on frame make for easy storage and travel
Super-easy fold

Have to buy an additional accessory pack to get a cup holder
Storage basket isn’t ample
Handlebar isn’t adjustable

Tip Test (Empty stroller with weighted diaper bag hanging fromhandlebar)
5lbs: No change — it didn’t tip any easier backwards
10lbs: Stroller tipped much easier

Buy Yours
You can get your Maclaren 4 Seasons by checking Maclaren’s site for more information and where to buy.

Maclaren 4 Seasons Specifications

Stroller Name Maclaren
Manufacturer 4 Seasons
Price $425
Weight 14.8 lbs
Folded Dimensions 41"H x 10"W
Stroller Width 19"
Stroller Length 41"
Seat Back Length Unknown
Seat Width Unknown
Seat Depth Unknown
Max. Weight Limit 55 lbs
Max. Height Limit N/A
Min. Age From birth
Frame Aluminum
Type of Tires 4.5"" Dual front swivel wheels – lockable
Seat Features 4-position recline
Carseat Compatibility N/A
Standard Accessories 3 reversible liners, winter footmuff, raincover, hood, storage bag
Optional Accessories Universal Organizer
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