Lyle Lovett on How His 4-Year-Old Twins Inspired His New Song and (Maybe?) Predicted the Pandemic

The Texas Grammy winner is releasing his new album, 12th of June, and touring nationally

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Lyle Lovett, whose new album, 12th of June, is out May 13. Photo: Jorge Mandujano

Lyle Lovett may have prophesied the pandemic. Unintentionally, of course.

The Texas singer-songwriter, whose new album, 12th of June, is out Friday, wrote the album's second single, "Pants Is Overrated," just before much of the world would shift to head-and-shoulders Zoom dress codes. (This is a radical departure for a man who famously instructed listeners to "buy your pants just a little longer" in his 1996 hit "That's Right (You're Not From Texas).")

"I made [the song] before the pandemic," Lovett, 64, tells PEOPLE in this week's issue. "I started singing one day as I was trying to convince my then 2-year-olds to put clothes on. And I just thought to myself, they probably have it right."

"That was the beginning of that song," he says, adding with a laugh, "I do think, though, that ... then the pandemic happened, right? I may have caused it, but I could have had some help."

The Grammy winner, who lives on his family homestead in East Texas with his wife, April Kimble, and their twins, roots his new album in a very specific place: home.

What is home to him?

"First, home is family," he says. "But in my case, home is this farm place [in east Texas] that my great-great-grandfather came to in the early 1850s. Home is keeping my family's place as intact as I can. And teaching my children about this place and their place in the family."

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Kimble and Lovett in 2014. Stefanie Keenan/Getty

After spending much of the past two years at home — "The pandemic allowed me more time with my children than I'd ever had before, and I'm grateful for that" — Lovett is now on a national tour in support of his new album, his 14th and his first in a decade.

"I did these livestreams during the pandemic," he says, "and people were appreciative, but the most consistent comment was, 'Can't wait 'til we can see you live again.' "

lyle lovette 12th of June album cover 2022
Lyle Lovett's new album (his 14th), 12th of June.

Lovett's own genre-bridging music — which blends elements of jazz, country, western swing, folk, gospel and blues — helps bring people together. It also explores life's many contradictions: In the album's title song, he sings about a creek alongside his home that his family calls "the branch," which simultaneously gives life and also houses a family cemetery.

"I have long thought it is our contradictions that make us interesting," he says. "No one is all one way or another."

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