Lulu B Maternity and Nursing Loungewear: Style and comfort for maternity wear

During pregnancy, and immediately afterwards, your body goes through so many changes. Sometimes you don’t feel so pretty, and often you don’t feel so comfy. But glammy-chic clothing from Lulu B.Maternity and Nursing Loungewear ($68-82) is a quick fix to this problem. It’s so beautiful and so comfortable that you’ll look for excuses to wear these items everyday. Not that you need an excuse, or need to stay at home — this lounge wear is pretty enough to go out shopping in, it’s acceptable day wear as well.

Lulu B. Maternity Loungewear is sure to serve you well both during and after pregnancy, but you’ll want to be sure to check out Lulu B.Nursing Loungewear, as well. The nursing lounge wear is especially thoughtfully designed to help breastfeeding moms achieve success without sacrificing their sense of style.

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Tops are crafted from soft fabrics in either prints (I love thezebra!) or juicy solid colors with coordinating trim. Like thematernity tops, the nursing tops are made to be worn bra-less andprovide support thanks to a soft elastic band that fits under the bust.I am rather full chested and found the tops provided enough support tobe comfortable throughout a day of light activity. The top portion ofthe nursing top differs from the maternity styles, in that it islayered and lifts, to expose an underneath layer with circular cutouts.

I can really appreciate that you can lift just the top portion ofthe shirt, one handed, and have fast and easy access for feedingswithout uncovering your entire torso and exposing yourself, or catchinga chill. The tops are also triple-lined and include handy specialpockets for holding your breast pads — so they have you covered. Oneother thing I love about the designs is that they are forgiving andflattering to your shape, both while pregnant, and postpartum. And, ifyou are into matchy-wear, check out their adorable matching infant onesies ($18) as well.

I’m so in love with this line, it’s a great treat for any expecting or new mom. Lulu B. Nursing and Maternity Loungewearis sure to make you feel super special and lovely. And as a mom-to-bewho has been on bedrest for the last seven weeks, I cannot recommendthis line enough! It’s made the darkest of days seem much brighter andhelped me retain my sense of style through it all. Do something specialfor yourself and order today.

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