Ludacris on Raising 4 Girls and His Kids' Book Inspired By Daughter Karma

Ludacris talks to PEOPLE about his first picture book, Daddy and Me and the Rhyme to Be, which is inspired by studio time with his eldest daughter Karma

Ludacris kid's book
Ludacris and daughters Cadence, Karma, Chance and Cai with wife Eudoxie. Photo: Photo provided by Chris Bridges

Ludacris is raising the bar for girl dads everywhere!

The musician just released his first picture book Daddy and Me and the Rhyme to Be, which is inspired by his eldest daughter Karma, who wanted to be a rapper like her dad when she was little.

"When Karma was 6 years old, she joined me in the studio and asked if she could make music, too. I remember giving her the classic but true advice, 'Write what you know,' " Ludacris (born Chris Bridges) tells PEOPLE in an email interview about the book, which is linked to his Netflix show Karma's World.

"This is the basis of both the show and the book — a story for families that addresses what real kids go through," the actor, 44, continues. (Ludacris shares daughters Chance, 11 months, and Cadence, 7, with wife Eudoxie. He also has daughters Cai, 8, and Karma, 20, from previous relationships.)

"I want each of my daughters to live out their own dreams, and at that time in her life it was fun to hear that Karma had an interest in following in my footsteps."

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Ludacris kid's book
Scholastic, Inc.

Karma's World first premiered in 2021 and follows middle schooler Karma, who loves to rap and relies on both her heart and her talent to navigate life's challenges. Daddy and Me and the Rhyme to Be, which was released by Scholastic Inc. on June 7, opens up Karma's story for younger fans.

The picture book follows little Karma, who wants to write a rap for her dad's birthday — and realizes she needs his help. The sweet father-daughter story features color-coded lines so adults can read along with their kids. (Ludacris co-wrote the book with Karma's World head writer Halcyon Person, with illustrations by Parker-Nia Gordon.)

The actor-rapper explains that the colored rhyming lines in the book were influenced by his own writing days with Karma in the studio. "We would go back and forth to create rhyming patterns that both of us liked," he remembers. "The book is a reminder to my daughters that they always have their daddy by their side to help!"

Ludacris kid's book
Scholastic, Inc.

Ludacris hopes young fans of the book and the show will "not feel alone."

"I also hope that when they connect to Karma's music, it inspires them to find their own form of self-expression," he writes. "I want people who read the book and watch the show to know that it's okay to make mistakes and that there are tools available to help us all through difficult situations."

He's proud to create stories that highlight a young Black girl's experiences. "The response to the first two seasons of Karma's World was overwhelmingly positive, and it reaffirmed our purpose — that there is power in representation," Ludacris explains.

While Karma's time with him in the studio influenced the original story concept, Ludacris says that all four of his daughters continue to inspire him and he loves being a girl dad.

Ludacris kid's book
Scholastic, Inc.

"I have absolutely loved being the father to four incredible girls," he writes. "They have taught me so much and changed me for the better. It's my daughters who inspired me to create this show for kids to spread a message of confidence, creativity and empowerment.

Ludacris adds, "The best part of being a girl dad is that every day is something different and each daughter has unique needs, so I am learning and adjusting every day just as much as they are."

The star's kids may vary in age and interests, but he loves cheering them on. Ludacris says he's excited to have a break on Father's Day so they can have some "family fun."

Ludacris kid's book
Scholastic, Inc.

As he gears up for the release of season 3 of Karma's World on July 7, Ludacris hopes to keep motivating his daughters and young fans.

"I want to teach them that they have the strength and the ability to do anything they set their minds to," writes Ludacris of the lessons he wants to share with his girls. "I want them to know that you are never too young to make a difference."

Daddy and Me and the Rhyme to Be is on sale now.

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