Holiday Project: L'ovedbaby: The nursing shawl that does it all

Holiday Project: L’ovedbaby is one of the many companies participating in our Holiday Project. Inlieu of payment for this ad, they have sent over $450 of their products to Good Shepherd, a leading youthdevelopment and family service agency that serves over 18,000 clients ayear. You can help Good Shepherd too by becoming a Family Santa.

When a product does what is says it will do, we’re happy enough. When itcan also do about 8 other practical things, it’s as good as gold! Suchis the case with the 4-in-1 Nursing Shawl by L’ovedbaby. Intended tohelp modest moms privately nurse in public, this multi-functionalnursing cover can also serve as a pregnancy poncho pre-baby and astransition wear afterwards. Stylish and chic, no one will be thewiser it’s for nursing…which is the point. No duck or cow prints, nostraps or loops, no strings attached.

The shawl also doubles as a canopy for the carseat/stroller, can beused as a lightweight blankie, and can function as a cover-up whilepumping. Best of all, it’s housed in a matching, drawstring carrying pouch which can also carry a diaper and some wipes!

The super-thin, breathable fabric looks as great with jeans as it doesover a business suit-plus it’s machine washable and dryer-safe. It’sno wonder celebrity A-Listers such as Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani andHeidi Klum own one of these must-have nursing accessories. Mostrecently, Brooke Shields sent L’ovedbaby a hand-written thank you cardsaying how much she appreciates her "perfect" Nursing Shawl, and thatshe wishes she’d had it sooner.

L’ovedbaby‘s product line includes several other innovative products,such as the BottleTree, the Arms-Free Swaddler, and their brand-newCotton Basics Clothing Collection. It consists of 9 mix-and-matchpieces in 6 solid colors and 5 sizes (ranging from preemie to 12m).Sold in over 250 stores in the U.S. and abroad, L’ovedbaby productsoffer style, comfort, and practicality at prices that won’t make mommycry. So go ahead, make your baby a L’ovedbaby! Visit www.lovedbaby.comfor a complete list of fine retailers.

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