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Updated July 08, 2007 04:24 PM

by CBB Reviewer Reva

I’m not shy about nursing in public. I nurse any and everywhere, andvery proudly. If I feel the need to cover up, especially if I’m notwearing a nursing top with good coverage, I will grab a receivingblanket or cloth diaper from my bag, or the cloth napkin at arestaurant, throw it over my shoulder and part of the baby’s face, andthat will be the extent of my modesty efforts. When I received L’ovedbaby’s 4-in-1 Nursing Shawl,I had thought I would give it a run when out shopping or dining, butthat it would be an infrequently used, though nice-to-have accessory.

The shawl arrived in Keen Green(a lovely mossy sage green) in a stylish compact pouch, and is made ofsuper fine micro-suede that matches the shawl itself. Great packaging,says my marketing sensibility, and it easily folds back into the pouch.I tossed it on and started nursing 3-month old Leo to see how it wouldfeel if I were actually in public.

The neck opening was plenty generous to see the baby’s positioning,I was comfortably and lightly covered up, and the whole thing was sosoft and airy that it was non-intrusive. Since it was a particularlyhot day, and has been many days since then, I decided to slide some ofthe shawl between the baby’s head and my arm to reduce the stickiness,yet the air conditioning was making his legs cool, so I covered him upwith the other end of the shawl fabric. It also multi-tasked as a burpcloth when the baby was finished nursing, and was a buttery lightweightblanket to wrap him in as he fell asleep.

While I love a good sturdy cotton receiving blanket, this materialwas far more luxe and much more compact in my diaper bag, which has tohaul stuff for both a toddler and a baby. On a walk for some localhome made ice cream, I used it as a poncho as the night cooled off, andanyone would swear it’s just a fashionable cover up. (Unlike mostnursing tops, which seem to shout “Yes, I’m breastfeeding!”) This isnow a necessity that I look forward to using whenever the time is right.

Choose this multifunctional nursing shawl as a well-priced gift for your nursing friends ($29.95 at matter where they live, and buy one for yourself. I’ll be using itsseason-less practicality through the summer in New England, and happilyinto the winter months ahead.

The shawl comes in 6 lovely muted tones. Their newest color is Clay Gray (it’s only been out in stores since last month). Other very popular colors this season are the Grand Sand and Out-on-the-Town Brown.

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