Louis Lombardi, 38, may have played Edgar Stiles on 24 but now he’s getting ready for the much bigger role of… Daddy! As CBB recently reported, Louis and his fiancée Mandy Allgood are expecting a little girl, Ava, in June. Recently at the Extra Gift Lounge to celebrate the Oscars, Louis fell in love with a onesie by A Wish Apparel that exclaimed in rhinestones "My Dad Rocks!"

A Wish Apparel is not only fashion forward clothing for infants, kids and even mommies-to-be, it’s also a socially conscious company, donating a percent of all proceeds to grant wishes to seriously ill children. A Wish shirts were recently featured in the Grand Avenue Baby gift bag at the Extra! Lounge. Along with their established slogans like "Mommy’s Girl" and "Big Sister," A Wish can also customize their tees with any name in rhinestones! Louis seemed so thrilled about this adorable "My Daddy Rocks!" onesie, that we’re pretty sure it’ll get a lot of wear! More information about ALL the products in the Extra Gift Lounge and the Grand Avenue Baby gift bag can be found at Swagtime