By peoplestaff225
Updated October 06, 2007 05:20 AM

I think the Snack Trap is a great invention for snacking on the go, but I’ve just discovered another product that does a similar thing but in a totally different crazy space age way. While the Snack Trap (and Munchkin’s knock-off but, in my opinion, improved Snack Catcher) keep your kid’s snacks in the cup through the use of soft flaps on the lid of the cup, the Loopa Gyro Bowl keeps snacks where they belong via a "reactive balancing system." A gravity-weighted inner bowl within a larger outer bowl rotates 360 degrees to catch the bowl’s contents if they move around, or if say, your rugrat drops the bowl. No matter what angle you hold it, the outer bowl will rotate to prevent a Cheerio avalanche. The spill-resistant bowl keeps food off the floor, out of couch cushions, and off the seat of their car seat and your car.

With bright colors, swiveling bowls, and a design that’s out of this world, the bowl is also a cool toy to keep kids entertained. The handles are easy for little hands to grip (plus they help keep the bowl from tilting too much), there are feet on the bottom of the bowl so it stands upright on a flat surface, and it even has a lid to keep those Cheddar Bunnies from getting stale. One caveat: the bowl should only be used with dry food, not, say cereal with milk.

The Loopa was developed as part of PBS’s reality series, Everyday Edisons. The show documents the development process of 14 inventions and the parallelstories of the people who invented them. Selected from thousands, the14 "Everyday Edisons" learn how their extraordinary ideas are taken froma sketch on a napkin to a store shelf.

Currently the Loopa Bowl is available at Bed, Bath & Beyond, but will hopefully be available elsewhere soon.