By peoplestaff225
Updated September 19, 2007 01:28 PM

It’s impossible to top the gift of a newborn baby, but their are so many unique and exciting post-pregnancy presents that moms will cherish. Two such gifts are available exclusively in Liz Lange boutiques and on her website and are musts for any new mom on your holiday shopping list.

Picture Pendants (exclusively by sajedesign for Liz Lange Maternity) – These keepsakes utilize a printing technique that replicates images onto the surfaces of precious metals such as gold and silver, allowing new mothers to keep a reminder of their little ones close to their hearts. Available in both silver and gold and in circle or rectangle designs. (Note: Photos are not limited to those of newborn babies. Any image – an older child, a best friend, a spouse, a pet – can be replicated on a Picture Pendant.) Silver pendants, $150; Silver pendant with chain, $175; 14K Gold pendants; $225; 14K Gold pendant with chain, $300; Engraving the back of the pendant is an additional $15

Custom Silhouettes (exclusively by babyheads by billi for Liz Lange Maternity) – The perfect nursery room accent, these customized silhouettes are created using a profile photograph of the baby. The result is a classic black silhouette portrait that is sure to become a family heirloom. Available in square or oval shaped mat styles. $500.00

Another great gift idea are the La Pouchette ID and credit card holders from La LOOP. There are various styles available. Digging through your bag will be a thing of the past once you have a La Pouchette. They are perfect for helping the new mom stay organized and keep from losing your ID and credit cards. You can wear it around your neck or attached your bag. Check out the brushed gold style for just $70. (They also have really cute glasses/sunglasses holders that look like necklaces for both men and women.)

What is your favorite gift to give to new moms?