By peoplestaff225
Updated June 12, 2008 07:12 AM

Moving to the country to escape the paparazzi-laden streets of London and taking an extended hiatus from the film industry are just some of the ways actress Elizabeth Hurley says she hopes she’s helping son Damian Charles, 6, to have a "normal as possible upbringing." Although she had to promise Damian a pony to convince him to switch to his new school "where 13-year-old girls play leapfrog instead of hanging out in a Starbucks," Elizabeth told Harper’s Bazaar it’s a small price to pay for normalcy.

Elizabeth revealed that Damian’s father, Hollywood producer Stephen Bing, has no interaction with their son. Instead, Elizabeth’s husband Arun Nayar has been the constant male presence in Damian’s short life. Noted Elizabeth, who met Arun when Damian was 9-months old, "[Damian] has never known a day in his life without Arun." Another major force is Elizabeth’s ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant, with whom she has remained close; The 43-year-old actress said she wonders sometimes why the two, who dated for 13 years, never had children together.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar; Photo by