LittleMissMatched: Inspire their sense of (individual) style

Your child has their entire life to conform, so while they’re shamelessly unaware of societal norms why not inspire them to be different? Yes, I’m serious. I used to LOVE wearing miss-matched socks as a kid, so when I stumbled across the brand LittleMissMatched I felt a familiar tug at my heart strings, as their entire line is comprised of miss-matched socks.

LittleMissMatched offers socks for toddlers/babies, young girls, young boys , men and women, as well as bedding, accessories, books and toys! I love the wacky and crazy prints on some of the socks and I admire the creativity it takes to put out such an innovative product.

All the socks ($8) come 3 to a pack, ensuring you’re always the odd one out and in the LittleMissMatched scheme of things, that’s not a bad thing. The colors are often coordinated to be similar to each other, but the designs really liven things up. The cutest product, in my opinion are the tights ($18).

The best part of the entire line is they match (and yet don’t really match at all) everything you could possibly put with them. Let go of your anal-matchy-matchy tendencies for a day and let loose, I promise you’ll feel better and your kids will LOVE it! We also have it on good authority that Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, Violet Affleck and Mariska Hargitay are all fans of the line. Get miss-matched at

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