"We are all made differently, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that," she tells PEOPLE exclusively

By Melody Chiu
August 22, 2017 04:11 PM

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a walker.

Little Women: LA star Terra Jolé’s 2-year-old daughter Penny took her first steps earlier this month using a walker built by the reality star, and the proud mom is opening up to PEOPLE exclusively about the exciting milestone.

“I’ve learned to throw all expectations out the window with our children. We are all made differently, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that,” says the Dancing with the Stars alum, 37, whose daughter has achondroplasia — a form of dwarfism — just like her.

“Seeing Penny take her first steps was the most unexpected victory I’ve ever experienced, and [we’re] beyond overjoyed to have captured it on film,” adds Jolé about Penny, who has struggled to sit, stand and crawl because of her dwarfism.

Jolé’s husband has pseudoachondoplasia and has undergone multiple surgeries to have his hips and knees reconstructed.

“The biggest problem that we have had [is that all] the adaptions for little people walkers do not fit my daughter, do not fit most little people at her age, so I want to create a little person walker myself,” Jolé — whose memoir Fierce at Four Foot Two is out in October — says in a video documenting Penny’s first steps.

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In the video, the crafty mom of two (the couple’s son Vincent celebrated his first birthday on Aug. 1) builds her own walker for her daughter using PVC pipes, glue, rubber stoppers, gliders and more.

“This is making me the happiest mom ever because this is exactly what I was hoping that she would want to do instead of me forcing her to do it,” says a teary-eyed Jolé after Penny latches right onto her new walker and takes a few steps. “I wish I built this a year ago.”

Adds Gnoffo: “I really think you did a great job on the walker. I wouldn’t have been able to think of this.”

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