Lisa Scott-Lee talks about her pregnancy to Now! Magazine


Lisa Scott-Lee

, 32, former member of the UK band Steps, sat down with Now! Magazine to discuss her pregnancy. She and husband, Hear’Say singer Johnny Shentall, 29, are expecting their first child on March 7th and can barely contain their excitement.Congratulations! How did you react when you found out you were pregnant?

We were out for a meal the night before and I had my suspicions so I didn’t drink, just in case. That night I could hardly sleep because I was so excited.

I did a test in the morning and when the result was positive, I couldn’t believe it. I put a bottle of pink champagne on a tray, along with the test, and went back to the bedroom where Johnny was still asleep. He certainly woke up when I told him we were having a baby! It was such a beautiful moment, we both cried.

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When did you start trying for a baby?

It was before I started ‘Dancing On Ice’ a year ago, but while I was on the show, obviously it was put on the back burner. A month after I finished the ‘Dancing On Ice’ tour, I got pregnant. I swear it was because I was in such good shape from all the skating. My body was ready.

Is it true that a psychic predicted your pregnancy?

Yes! Sally Morgan is a very gifted psychic. I visited her about six weeks before I went on the tour and she said: ‘In about six weeks time you’ll fall pregnant.’ And I did. She also said I’d have a boy, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Have you had any morning sickness or cravings?

People hate me when I say this, but it’s all been really smooth so far. My energy and hormone levels didn’t really change. I’m not that hormonal anyway – I think that’s why I’m still married!

When did you start showing?

Only at about five months. I got through doing panto without too much bother. I wore an Empire-line dress to cover it.

When did you first feel a kick?

At 16 weeks and it was wonderful. My baby keeps getting hiccups and I can feel them, it’s so sweet. It loves music too, especially when I was singing in panto. It would go mad when Johnny and I were singing our duet.

Have you been very health-conscious during your pregnancy?

I get so upset when I hear about people smoking and drinking while they’re pregnant – it’s very selfish. I mean I’m not perfect – I’ve had the odd glass of wine, but that’s all. I’ve eaten quite healthily and tried to stay as active as possible.

What sort of birth are you planning to have?

I’m going for a natural birth in hospital. I’m quite a free spirit, so I’m going to go with the flow and I’m not too posh to push. I’ve heard about people who have a Caesarean and a tummy tuck at the same time, but I’m not going there.

How do you plan on losing baby weight afterwards


To be honest, it’s all baby at the moment. I’ve only put on a stone – so I haven’t worried too much. I’d like to get back in to my jeans, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. After I’ve had the baby, I’ll be getting my ice skates back on. That’ll be my exercise regime. I want to have this time just for me and my baby and not worry about it. People are already asking me to go on post-pregnancy diets, but I just want to be fit and I love skating.

Have you thought of any names?

We’ve got a pool of boys’ and girls’ names but we’re going to decide after the baby’s born. And I’ll warn everyone now: we do like unusual names. I want it to be unique, but I don’t want my child to be beaten up at school for it.

So no Moon Unit or Apple then?

Well I do like Luna, actually, and that means moon. It needs to be beautiful rather than wacky.

Will you be having any celebrity godparents?

No, it’s about getting the right person, not just because they’re in the public eye and will give great presents. But I’m getting advice from Suzanne Shaw and Myleene Klass, who were in Hear-Say with Johnny. Claire Richards, who I was in Steps with, has been fantastic too – she has a little boy Charlie. We’re always on the phone to each other and it’s given us a new bond.

Are you making your brother Andy and his wife Michelle Heaton broody?

We’ve got a holiday planned in June and I think they’ll get all broody then. I don’t know if I should say this, but Sally Morgan said Michelle would be pregnant within the year, too!

What sort of parents do you think you’ll make?

I think we’ll be good parents – firm but fair. I’m really excited to be going on this journey with Johnny. I feel less daunted by the prospect because he’s so hands-on. He’ll definitely be changing nappies. We’ve been together 10 years now, which is forever in pop years – it’s the equivalent of our golden wedding anniversary.

Source: Now! Magazine, February 18 2008, pg. 50 – 51. Thanks to CBB reader Carlie.

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