May 12, 2013 11:00 AM

Lindsay Louise Woolf

“We all know flowers, cards and candy are a welcome sight on Mother’s Day,” says new mom Lisa Osbourne, here with 1-year-old daughter Pearl.

“However, I think any mom would appreciate something she can really use consistently or something she would love but wouldn’t buy for herself rather than something that has to be eaten or thrown away.”

Still looking for last minute gifts? Check out Osbourne’s list of fun ideas below:

Courtesy Breville

High-end Juicer I’ve had 3 juicers in my lifetime. This one by Breville takes the cake. You can buy a cheaper one, but it will crap out on you. Trust me, this is one sexy juicer. Help your wife get healthy and energized with this awesome gift. If you’re lucky, she might even make some juice for you!

Courtesy Canon

Photo Printer What a great way to get all of those photos of your kids off of your phone and onto your walls. I have this Canon printer, and I LOVE it. I print most of my own photos at home and frame them myself. If you’re looking for a useful, sweet gift, this is it.

Courtesy Victoria’s Secret

Satin Robe Every woman needs a silky robe. If your wife doesn’t already have one, here’s your chance to make her feel sexy!

Courtesy Anthropologie

Fancy Perfume This Happ & Stahns 1842 Rosa Parfum is hands down one of my favorite fragrances. Don’t bother trying to find it at just any store. I’ve only seen it one place, Anthropolgie. It comes in a beautiful bottle and is such a lovely, rare, thoughtful gift for any mom.

Courtesy Thursday Friday

Stylish Canvas Bag What’s cooler than a designer bag? A canvas bag with a photo of a high end designer bag on it. Genius! I love these Thursday Friday bags for grocery shopping, farmer’s market, the beach, etc. It’s nice for a diaper bag, too. Such a unique gift for a hip mom.

Courtesy Etsy

Nail Polish Phone Case This is so silly and makes a cute mini gift. They make your phone look like a bottle of nail polish. I have these in red and white.

Courtesy Amazon

Cosmetic Mirror Everyone woman needs one of these to pluck her eyebrows or check for blemishes. If your wife doesn’t have one of these, do her a massive favor and gift her one immediately. Seriously, it’s a really useful tool.

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