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After an extremely successful career in basketball that began in high school, Lisa Leslie is ready to hang up her high tops and retire from the sport. While she won’t be returning to the court after this season, the mother of 2-year-old Lauren Jolie laughs that she will still be kept on her toes: her daughter is already showing potential as a future sports star!

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Lisa offers a glimpse into her experience in motherhood, sharing that the addition of her daughter has brought a newfound happiness into the 37-year-old’s life. “I love being a mom,” she says. The Los Angeles Sparks player cites being greeted by Lauren each morning as her favorite time of the day. “I think the best part about it every morning when I go into her room and see her smile, and when I smile at her, she just says, ‘I’m happy,'” Lisa shares.

Apart from her skills with a ball, according to a very proud mama, Lauren’s talent extends to the books as well!

Lauren is Lisa’s daughter with husband Michael Lockwood.

— Anya