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Updated May 31, 2007 01:53 PM

Update: Calum tells The Sun,

Originally posted 2:53 pm:We’ve learned that Lindsay Lohan‘s new beau Calum Best has a baby and has never met her.

British model Lorna Hogan gave birth to 6 lb 13 oz Amelia Grace Hogan last December after a short affair with Calum last year. According to Lorna, he has refused to take a paternity test to confirm that he is the father of the five month old baby girl or even visit the child.

Lorna told the UK’s Sunday Mirror,

She says that she met Calum at a London club and became pregnant accidentally because she was on the pill but the antibiotics that she was taking for a kidney infection prevented the pill from working. She said,

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Calum’s father is the late British football legend George Best, who died in November 2005 after two liver transplants. Lorna complained,

Lorna says of her daughter and her daughter’s grandfather,

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