Lindsay Price Says Older Son Hudson Is 'Constantly' Annoyed By His Brother: 'I'm Really Hoping They Start to Bond'

Hudson is almost 5 - and still working on his relationship with baby brother Emerson, according to mom Lindsay Price

Lindsay Price mom event

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Lindsay Price‘s sons are working toward a loving sibling dynamic.

“Brothers, I think, innately have a competition in them and he is fully in that,” she told PEOPLE of her almost-5-year-old son Hudson as an older brother to Emerson, 2, at the Alliance of Moms Presents Raising Baby event in Los Angeles, California, on Saturday.

“He loves his brother, but he’s just a bit annoyed with him at all times.”

Price, 39, who shares her boys with her husband, chef Curtis Stone, is optimistic about her sons’ relationship improving with time.

“I’m really hoping that at some point, they start to really bond,” she says. “Emerson loves him and copies everything he says and Hudson’s just constantly annoyed. Constantly.”

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One thing that never annoys her oldest son? Music.

“Hudson is in his second year at preschool and it’s like he’s a kid. He’s no longer a baby,” she says. “He’s into songwriting. It’s unbelievable. He’ll ask if we want a rock and roll song or a jazz song or whatever it is, he’ll write one on the spot. It’s pretty funny.”

Hudson’s music isn’t the only new sound echoing through their household: Price says Emerson is quite the talker.

“Emerson just turned 2 and he’s now fully communicative,” she says. “He’ll say, ‘Where are you going?’ and ‘I don’t want that.’ So now we’re like — there’s no ignoring. It’s all happening.”

And despite the tension between her growing boys, the family is coming together when it comes to dressing up for Halloween.

“Hudson chooses our Halloween costumes every year so far and it’s scary because we have to do what he says,” she says. “But fortunately, this year he wanted us to go as the Peter Pan characters. So I will be Tiger Lily, he will be Peter Pan, Curtis will be Hook and Emerson is going to be a parrot on Hook’s shoulder.”

— Blake Bakkila with reporting by Abby Stern

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