As she heads into the Australian Open, Lindsay Davenport — who just seven months ago gave birth to her first child, Jagger Jonathan — has become an unlikely role model for her often younger, often childless peers on the WTA Tour. Her decision to return to the court so soon after becoming a mom was viewed with a certain degree of skepticism by the tennis community, but she has since proven the skeptics wrong, dropping just one match while going on to win 18 others. Lindsay’s play has caught the attention of Serena Williams, who recently said,

Jagger travels with Lindsay on the road, along with a full-time nanny, and since his birth the two have spent just two nights apart. Mom and son sleep together in their various hotel rooms, so it is Lindsay who tends to the baby when he wakes overnight, usually at 4 a.m. Lindsay says that at that point she and Jagger usually co-sleep until the sun comes up.

At no time is Jagger’s presence more apparent than when Lindsay begins to pack for a tournament, however. As anyone who has ever flown with a baby knows, airline travel is never quite the same.

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Lindsay admits that — once upon a time — she would have viewed a comeback like her own with bemusement.

And she says she understands the backlash — however minor — which occurred after she played her first team tennis match six weeks after delivering Jagger. When a columnist in the local paper questioned whether it was ‘good or bad’ that she return to the sport she loves so soon after giving birth, Lindsay admits she "freaked out." Lindsay reminded herself, however, that although her ‘job’ is unique the notion of women returning to the workforce after having a baby is not.

She adds,

Lindsay married investment banker Jonathan Leach in 2003.

Source: The Age

Photo: Vince Caligiuri