October 20, 2010 08:00 AM

Courtesy Stylist

Impending motherhood “became a lot more real” for Lily Allen when she learned the sex of her baby-on-the-way — a boy!

“You start to think of names, and then you can go shopping, and it all feels like it’s happening,” she confesses in the October issue of Stylist.

As for just what Allen, 25, and her construction worker boyfriend Sam Cooper will call their firstborn, due in January, mums the word. “I’ve got a really stupid list of names, but I won’t show you,” she teases, before promising that their choice won’t make headlines.

“Sam is way too straight and traditional for that sort of thing,” she says of unusual baby names. “He’d get the piss taken out of him on the building site.”

Looking forward to the “idyllic” life which awaits her, Allen cautions that fans of her music should brace for an extended hiatus. Celebrating the recent opening of her own vintage clothing store, the songstress finds her newest endeavor “more suited to having kids.”

“If you’re a guy you can go on the road and that’s great because it’s literally the only way to make money out of music,” she notes. “But me? I don’t want to go on tour with kids. I want to be a hands-on mum.”

At the same time, however, it sounds as though nothing has been ruled out completely; Allen admits she is reluctant to answer questions about the future, noting, “I don’t know where my head’s going to be.”

“I’ve never had a baby before and I don’t know what I’m going to do,” she explains. “I can’t even say I’m not going to have a nanny or I’m going to be with the kids five days a week because I’ve got no f—ing idea until I get to do it.”

For now, Allen feels her dreams have come true regardless the state of her career. “My goal in life is to have kids,” she insists.

“I’ve got a boyfriend I love to pieces. I’m having a baby who will hopefully be as beautiful as he is. I’ve got an amazing shop. I work with my sister and I’ve got a lovely house in the country,” she continues. “It certainly ticks all my boxes.”

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