Lilly Gold: Where products pull double (and triple!) duty

I am usually skeptical of products that try to be everything to everyone. It’s just been my personal experience that the product turns out to be much better at being one thing over the other, and at that point, why not just get two different products and have both jobs done equally well? When I was asked to review two offerings from Lilly Gold — their Nap-Sac and the LillyPad — I have to admit, my inner alarm began to sound. Both products have multiple intended uses, and I was prepared to be disappointed, but I was happily proven quite wrong.

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The Nap-Sac ($69.95) serves as a diaper bag and a portable changing station or bassinet. Oh how I wish I’d had this when our boys were still tiny! It would have eliminated all those yucky diaper changes in public restrooms, and all those battles with wiggly babies when I needed to change a diaper in our car. With just a few seconds of effort, the diaper bag is magically transformed into a perfectly contained little space for your little one. The bag, when folded up, is bigger than a normal diaper bag, at 17Lx7Wx14H," but it pretty much has to be to turn into a spacious 29Lx18Wx8H" changing station/bassinet.

The bottom pad of the changing station/bassinet is protected from accidents with a wet-proof plastic cover, and the Nap-Sac comes with two covers — one for diaper changes and one for sleeping. With six expand-out pockets, there’s plenty of space for your basic diapering needs. If you know you’ll be on the road a lot with baby, or if you’re not a fan of letting baby nap in its carseat while visiting with friends or family, the Nap-Sac would be a smart investment.

I have to admit, I was always the type of person who — pre-kids, at least — snickered at moms pushing their babies around the grocery store in shopping carts with covers. But now, I’m a mom of two, in the middle of cold and flu season, and I’ll take all the help I can get in the war on germs! The LillyPad ($42.95) is a 5-in-1 product that serves not only as a shopping cart cover, but also as a standalone totebag, a playmat (as depicted at right), an adult dining chair cover and a highchair cover for use in restaurants.

We used it primarily at the grocery store and are generally pleased with its performance. It’s thickly padded and easy to set up — even with a baby in your arms — and the fabric is a nice, washable cotton. Nylon backing is also used to prevent moisture from wicking up. A trip to our favorite local restaurant also got the LillyPad some use, and it worked quite well on their highchair, thanks to its large velcro adjustable fasteners. The LillyPad features bright, primary colors so it’s perfect for a boy or a girl.

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