Lillebaby Everywear Carrier: Wear It Everywhere, Every Way

Lillebaby’s Everywear baby carrier ($100) is a super-comfy carrier that lets you put baby in four positions. Unlike similar carriers, the seat can be made narrower so the baby can ride on your back, on your hip or face in or out on your chest without experiencing an uncomfortable baby wedgie.

We road-tested the Everywear on a recent vacation and found it extremely useful for 8-month-old Egan. When he faced my chest in the airport he immediately conked out and slept for over an hour, which is very unusual. He rode facing out on my chest when he was awake, and though I can never get the image of a bug on its back out of my head when I see kids this way, he loved being able to see everything. We also took a couple of walks around the block with him on my back. I needed help getting him in and out in this position and at first I worried that he’d tip backward, but my husband assured me that he was safe and secure. When Egan decided to bite me between my shoulder blades I made a mental note to bring a teething toy next time.

It has a removable hood (for sun coverage or sleeping) and two pockets, one that’s perfect for storing the hood and another for parents’ phones and cash. It felt great to be truly hands free and the wide straps were pretty easy on my back, though I’d probably choose another carrier with more padding if I was planning to carry my 19-pounder all day.

The initial setup was easy, though I found it a bit difficult to adjust the straps once Egan was loaded in. Also, the buckle at my back (when baby’s in front) was in a fixed position and was difficult to buckle by myself. Other carriers are designed so that strap moves up and down, making it easier to reach it.

Fabrics are basic and sophisticated. No bunnies or kittens for sure, so Daddy’s likely to enjoy wearing it too.


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