Lillebaby Eurotote: Carry on and on...

Tired of lugging around that bulky infant car seat? Or are you looking for a way to keep your baby warm in their stroller? The Lillebaby EuroTote ($119) by Scandinavian Child is an alternative way to transport your child (though don’t discount babywearing!) or keep them snug in their stroller — plus several other ways to use it. Brooke Burke, Jessica Alba and Kim Raver have all been recently gifted with this item.

I started testing it around two weeks ago, when baby Allegra was about a month, old. I had started resuming my normal activities — like taking my son to his twice weekly gym class. But I had a dilemma, how could I get BOTH kids there?

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We weren’t using a double stroller yet and I prefer NOT to carrying a bulky infant carseat around. It was also cold and the baby was too small to be worn and I had to particpate in the gym class.

I decided to see if it was easy as the packaging made it look. So, the way I tested it was: I put my two year old, Ben, in the stroller. Then I put Allegra into her snowsuit and then into the EuroTote. I slung the EuroTote over my shoulder, with the baby facing me, and we left the apartment, being careful not to bump into everything. It was a little awkward at first, but I quickly got the hang of it. Though it was a little hard to keep her head level when I had the straps over my shoulder and I was pushing a stroller.

NOTE: When my husband tested this out a later time, he had the baby facing his back and kept her head higher that way.

The EuroTote was very sturdy and secure to carry and the backing board really supported the baby. She was warm and snuggly. Once we got to our garage, I took the baby out of the EuroTote and strapped her into her infant car seat. The EuroTote is car seat compatible (and crash tested for safety), but since you have to take the backing panel out of it, and I would’ve had to adjust the car seat straps, I decided just to take her in and out of the actual EuroTote.

After we got to our local Y, I set Ben up in the stroller up quickly. Then I took the baby out of her car seat and put her back into the EuroTote. Since it was cold, and unfortunately there was no real place to put the EuroTote down, I kind of had to balance it on the back of the infant car seat. Thanks to the rigid backing board in the EuroTote, it was easier than I thought and she was quickly snug again. I slung the EuroTote over my shoulder and set off for class. When we got to the class, I took Ben out and then fully reclined the stroller and placed the EuroTote in it. I unzipped her snowsuit and she slept blissfully in the EuroTote during the whole class!

Verdict: I love this product. It can be used so many different ways. I love that you can unbuckle it to expand it as the baby gets bigger. It was light on my shoulder and pretty easy for me, as a C-section mom to tote around — luckily the baby was around 7 pounds at the time. We are planning to go to North Carolina in a few months, the EuroTote would make a great travel bed on the airplane. I plan on using it all year round, all I will have to do is just zip off the heavy cover and zip on the mesh one. This would make a wonderful shower or new baby gift.

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